Are Coupons and Codes Worth the Hassle?

What it means is that you can expect some great deals on coupons this time. Think of the iPhone 7. Whether it is the retina display or the magnificent near DSLR-like camera, there is a lot that the iPhone can offer. The fingerprint technology offers something innovative. The redesigned Home button is great too. And it isn’t just iPhones that you can save money on with a coupon – you can save on just about anything, including on betting sites.

Over 310 Billion coupons were distributed in 2012, according to a report by Inmar, a number that gives testimony to the fact of how popular coupons are.

Avoid scams

You will find a number of places that offer you coupons that do not work. There are some ways to overcome this. Be it through caution or through following a rationale method, you can make sure that you actually save on the products that you buy.

Trust a reliable provider – The Right Coupon Sites

There are tons of sites which promise to sell you coupons that will make your deal way cheaper. However, not all providers actually do so. You might just end up being conned if you do not exercise proper caution.

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Only buy coupons from sellers and websites you can trust. If recent incidents are to be seen, there are whole teams of people who deal with making bogus coupons. In July 2012, for instance, three women were caught in Phoenix, Arizona. The reason for their arrest is what’s interesting.

The three ran a multi-million dollar organization of supplying counterfeit coupons. Among the things confiscated from them included bogus coupons that are worth more than $25 million. This is why you need to buy coupons that are actually worth it and not fake.

You can save a lot if you buy from the right coupon sites, and can save hundreds of dollars on each purchase. Some coupons offer 10% but most often, you get anywhere between 30-50% off. Sometimes, you might get a deal that even gives you the product for free! So, if you are looking to save with coupons, what should you be careful of?

Do not buy free coupons

Many coupons that you may buy online are actually coupons that are available for free. It’s strange, but it’s true. Many providers who sell coupons to you actually give you coupon codes that have been mentioned in the company site itself or in newspapers.

Needless to say, these coupons are not meant to be sold. They are for free. True, some of these sites get away from their legal responsibility by saying that they are only charging for a clipping fee of the coupon and not any other fee as such but if you are paying for a free coupon, then that’s not really a right thing.

Coupons without a unique bar code

If you see a coupon that comes without a unique bar code, you can be surer that it is fake. It’s much more complex too to use these coupons. While retailers might not like them because they aren’t sure of the validity of the coupon until they send them in for redemption, people print these coupons by the dozens which makes the probability of forgery way higher.


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