ALIR LLC Acquires California Life Settlement Providers License

As of February 2018 ALIR LLC, one of the leading lights of the life settlement industry has secured its life settlement provider license in California. As a result, residents will be able to take utilize ALIR’s unique approach to the life settlement industry business, and its flexible terms when evaluating insurance policies for which they offer settlements. The company will open new doors for investors and life insurance policyholders alike.

For those who are unfamiliar with the life settlement industry, a life settlement is a financial vehicle for the selling of an existing life insurance policy to an investor, who then takes over ownership and premium payments and receives the payout when the insured passes away. For the initial holder of the life insurance policy, there is the benefit of immediate liquidity and access to funds that can help them with their financial needs. Investors are provided an opportunity for returns that are historically higher then what they might expect for stocks and bonds and are not correlated with market volatility. It is the kind of arrangement by which both parties benefit, and ALIR is an experienced facilitator for these life settlement transactions.

To learn more about it, ALIRLLC has all the information that you need. What California residents should know is just how much a life settlement can benefit them and the people that they love.

Opening It Up

ALIR is known for its willingness to consider life insurance policies that aren’t at the highest end in terms of the policy value. That means that senior citizens who have policies that are as low as $50,000 can possibly sell the policy, giving them the ability to free up funds for whatever needs they might have. With seniors living longer than ever, having this kind of flexibility is a reassuring thing.

The Investors Side

Investors are always looking for ways to hedge against risk, and these smaller than usual policies provide an excellent opportunity to do that. In addition, the quest for diversity is always something on which investors are always focusing. By the acquisition of these policies, often with groups of other like-minded investors, they can achieve this diversity and partake in a particularly lucrative asset class.

ALIR’s Role

Now that they are licensed, ALIR can connect the investors with the policyholders. The policyholder will receive an influx of immediate cash that can help them in their lives immediately. Investors receive the opportunity for that rarest of rarities: An investment that is not correlated with market volatility and represents potentially high-reward. It is the ultimate win-win situation for all involved.

Life settlements have been in evidence since a 1911 United States Supreme Court allowing them. Now that ALIR is involved in the great state of California, this wonderful opportunity will be open to more people than ever before.