Why you should avoid these SEO services?

SEO is a very tricky subject and while few are of the opinion that you must invest in hiring the services of an SEO firm because they offer a wide array of SEO services, yet there are few that are of the opinion that opting for these SEO services might actually harm your website’s ranking. Let us find out what these services are in the first place and why it is being said so. So, read on for a better insight.

Link building

If you an excellent blogger and you thought that writing content that is amazing will do all the wonders, then you are perhaps mistaken. This is because once you write you have to make sure that your content is visible to as many people as possible. And for this you will have to opt for link building services. However, unless you entrust this job to an experienced SEO service provider or a professional, link building might cause immense damage to your website/blog. This is because there have been several instances, when link building was not done accurately and in turn it left signs that were identified by search engines. And if you have back links from any unreliable website, instead of improving your website’s ranking, you might be harming it even more.

Spinning articles

This is perhaps one of the services that you better stay away from. By article spinning, it basically means that you are trying to “rewrite” an article just by rewriting every single word in the sentence. However, the originality of the article is lost and at the end the entire article looks very mechanical that hardly adds any value to the reader’s knowledge. And if you ever find that you are receiving a link from any such article, not only will the article that has been mechanically rewritten be penalized but your website will be flagged by search engines and may be penalized too. As such, if at all you want to opt for SEO services, maintain a standard and encourage the team of content writers to write content that is relevant, fresh, updated, and most importantly adds value to the reader.

Commenting services for blogs

This is one of the services offered by SEO firms that may do more harm than good. Why is it so? When you write a blog, it is a well known fact that the visibility of the blog will increase if there are others participating in the discussion. As such, you have a provision for the so called comment section where you will find that individuals or companies comment on your content. There are services that will do the commenting part for you. But in most of the cases, these comments are usually identified as manipulated and often treated as spam. And if you have links posted to your blog from an unreliable website, your website can be penalized and it will not be good for your online reputation either.

Links from .edu

Among SEO services, there is one service that assures you of boosting your website ranking by helping you get backlinks from websites that end with .Edu or .Org. However, this is essentially a black hat SEO technique that should be avoided by all means. Even experts are of the opinion that it is best to opt for white hat SEO techniques so that the results that are obtained from it last for a longer time and you tend to enjoy the success over a prolonged period of time. But black hat SEO techniques might give you temporary gain but it does not last and you fall like a “pack of cards” when these unethical techniques are detected or identified by search engines.

Black hat SEO

As mentioned above, if you come across any such SEO service provider that will promise you to get quick ranking within a short period of time, you ought to stay away from such firms. You will not only lose your hard earned money but if it is caught that you have adopted such unfair means, it will take a long period of time when you can finally regain the confidence of the search engines again.