How to Promote Your Brand to Students

You’ve got a market full of potential customers in all the Colleges and Universities, students are eager to find the coolest and trendiest brands and services around. And a lot of them have some spare money that they are able to spend on things to take their mind off their hard work and studying all year.

All businesses need is a great advertising model that really targets those that are studying, but that can be really hard to come by! Students are very good at spotting when they are being advertised at, and they don’t like it when they do find out! So what you need is some sleek tips to help you get your brand out there to the right audience. Well we’ve got those tips for your right now, so listen up!

Social Media

Yes, social media is the best weapon in the arsenal of the brand and its advertisers. Social media is a great tool that if used effectively, can have a great amount of sway to those that use it, which is mainly students and young people! What you need to remember when using social media is that each platform requires a different approach. Instagram requires an image based approach. Young people want to see vibrant pictures of the product and videos of people of their age enjoying themselves. This makes them aspire for their lives to reflect the image they see. This is a great tip for a brand that is very visual.

Twitter has to be brief and to the point due to the lack of characters allowed in tweets. But if your adverts get a lot of retweets then you can get a lot of attention. Facebook is a mix between the two, but you need to utilise the ability to boost a posts reach, this will allow more people in specific areas to see your advertisement. Whichever one you use, they are a great help to any advertisement campaign. So get on all of them and see how they can help your brand expand.

Word of mouth

Whatever your brand is, what you really need is a bit of natural interest. Your brand is never going to reach anyone effectively if it isn’t interesting or engaging. If your brand truly is something of interest then word should quickly spread. Say for instance you were running an online essay writing service like Paperial or something similar. You would find that a lot of students would be talking about it to each other. They would be eager to say to their friends ‘I’ve found a site that can type my essay for me’, and news like that is bound to get around pretty fast. So have a look at the premise of the brand you are trying to push, does it have that wow factor? Is it something that you can envision kids or older students talking about to their friends? Is it something that you can see getting very popular due to word of mouth? If it isn’t, then you might need to adjust your brand slightly, as all things that get popular with younger people require some sort of inherent interesting aspect that results in students talking about it!


Let it be said, that nothing that was dull and dismally designed ever got big or blew up in the realm of students and young people. Whatever your product or service is, you have to make sure that the design of it is colourful and vibrant. Young people like to be seen to use energetic and eccentric brands not dull, colourless products! Give your brand a new coat of paint if you feel this is what you are missing, you will definitely not regret it, as you will be getting a lot of attention from customers!

Advertising to younger people is a bit of a minefield! Fashion trends and fads last such a short amount of time with those that are culturally aware and are always on social media. But if you use a tool like social media to your advantage, you can see it has a major affect on your reach. Word of mouth is great, it assures you that your brand is, at its base, interesting enough to be on the lips of those that you are reaching for. And colour and vibrancy is the simplest weapon you have in your arsenal, when correctly used it can really draw people in!