How to integrate Instagram in web design and get benefits from it?

Instagram, the famous photo sharing app turned social network is slowly becoming very popular. It has a whopping number of 800 million users logging in every day. Gradually every big and small brandis noticing the potential of this platform and starting to take advantage of it. This visual content-based social media platform has incorporated many new features since its beginning. Very recently it has given itself a makeover and has added a few very interesting new features. For starters, the 15-second video posting feature got extended to 1 min. Also, it has introduced a lot of new features for the people who intend to use Instagram to promote their business and grow it.

There is a new thing called the business profile now which has been gaining quite a popularity from last year ever since it was introduced. The business profile gives you the same features as a normal user profile as well as certain extra things like business insight which is very valuable for any business. Also, there is a new feature called the 24-hour status feature which lets you post a small video or picture or announce your next content and get the audience excited in advance. With all these new features coming up the question that arises in the minds of web designers is how they can combine the features of the new and improved Instagram into web designing. In this article, we will discuss all the possible ways one can achieve that.


Instagram initially started off as a photo sharing app. gradually it became another social media platform for the younger generation to share their daily lives, likes and dislikes. The selfie culture got a new boost up. Slowly people from all age group and all social strata started using this social media. And now even celebrities from all around the world, as well as all sorts of handcrafts and small businesses, use this to promote their products, upcoming ventures and share a part of their personal life. But till this day, Instagram remains faithful to its origin, and visual contents are its main features. There are options to write captions and use tags which are also necessary, but the quality of the content always has to be visually appealing.

There are some ways you can use filters and give your timeline a more soothing and symmetrical look which is alsovery relevant to your brand image. You should also utilize the benefits of relevant tags as much as you can to show up on the search options of the Instagram search results. Also, it helps search engines like Google, to crawl your data and helps your Instagram business profile appear on top of search results.Apart from all this, you can do certain things that can help you integrate your web design with Instagram. To do so, you need a popular Instagram account with a lot of followers, to begin with. And if you are a new brand, then you might need some extra help. With a little investment and professional help, many sites will offer you their services to improve the performance, follower counts, and likes on your Instagram profile. You can visit for all your requirements in this regard.

Combining Instagram and web designing

Many brands that are doing it quite well and smartly. For starters, you can embed the Instagram feed into your web design. The concept of the Instagram feed is especially suitable for visually appealing contents, and you can implement that same idea into your web designing. It has worked wonders for a lot of brands. The embedded Instagram feed as your website’s homepage will give the visitors a familiar friendly feeling as well as give them a quick glimpse of your entire content. Also, having an Instagram theme will help you coordinate your present content and the color of the web design well.

Instagram has implemented a smart lookbook for its contents without ever needing to create any extra content for that. You can very well copy this lookbook for your web page as well. If you change the Instagram feed after connecting it, the visitor has no way to know that the contents of your webpage originated from your Instagram. And this smoothly links and promotes the e-commerce of your brand. You can also create an editorial page for your web page to forecast your content that you have already published on your Instagram feed. A lot of brands link their content to your Instagram feed to that once the visitor sees the content and decides to purchase then they can click it directly from the displayed product. You can also include a lot of popular Instagram models to promote your brand and post them on your Instagram page and then on your webpage as a method of cross-promotion.

In modern times, social media popularity and website traffic depend a lot on word-of-mouth. If you want your customers to stay engaged and loyal, you have to create a sense of a team. To do this, the best way is to incorporate the concept of the Instagram hashtag into your promotional contents. You can ask your audiences to play a part in contributing to the content that you post. On a particular occasion or event, you can create a relevant hashtag and ask them to post something related to it using that particular hashtag and thus making that hashtag come on top of the search results for some time at least. And then you can forecast them on your webpage which will give them an immense thrill and a sense of belonging as well. Not only that but it will cross promote your brand to a considerable amount.


In the end, there are many ways that you can connect your website and Instagram. Not only can you divert your Instagram followers to increase the traffic on your website and also make sales, but you can incorporate the ideas of an Instagram profile to make your web design seem unique and attractive. Instagram, after all, was based on visually appealing contents, and it has survived on its sense of aesthetics. So there is no harm in attaching the two concepts and making your Instagram feed your website design and making sales along the way. Not only do you not make enough sales through your e-Commerce but cross-promote your brand image and keep increasing your SEO like never before.