How to Balance Text and Imagery in Creative Leaflet Design

Leaflets are highly effective ways of promoting your business, drawing attention to a new service or product, building brand, and enhancing awareness. Leaflets are also economical to print and produce, making them a versatile part of your overall marketing set.

Effective leaflets usually make good use of a combination of text and imagery. Most leaflets need at least some text, even when it is minimal, to let people know something about the brand. And most leaflets need some imagery, to help capture interest and add design flair. The trick is getting the right balance between text and images. Text and images need to match your objectives and also appeal to the audience you want to read your leaflet. Here are some guidelines for balancing text and images in an effective leaflet.

Understand the Importance of Text

When thinking about what to write on a leaflet, consider your audience first and foremost. What do they want to read? What will appeal to them, or be of interest to them? You need to define your audience clearly and understand what would motivate them to take action. People need to know what the benefits of your product or service are for them.

Remember that less is generally more when it comes to text on leaflets. Too much information can be off-putting and a leaflet that looks too dense with text will be discarded. Convey the message you need to put across with clarity and in short, punchy sentences. Make use of headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, and direct statements. When it comes to a5 leaflet printing it’s not the time to write flowingly and lyrically about your product or company. If in doubt, enlist the services of a professional copywriter to maximise the impact of your words.

Create a Balance with Images

You obviously don’t have much space when you are designing leaflets. For leaflets printing purposes, images help a great deal because they promote your overall message in a small space. It helps when the images are professionally shot and incorporated into the design in such a way that they enhance the brand. If you cannot get your own pictures taken, use a high quality photo stock library and choose images that directly relate to your brand and enhance the purposes of your leaflet. Always think quality when you are thinking about images. It can make a huge difference to the overall success of a leaflet.