How Businesses Are Leveraging Video on Their Websites to Build Trust

Trust is everything in business, and it’s a currency that is more valuable than a dollar. When customers and clients trust your business, this means that you’ll: receive more referrals, have higher return customers and make more money.

A good example of trust can be seen on Yelp.

If you look for an electrician on Yelp and they have a 2.3-star rating, would you trust the electrician? Probably not. When other consumers don’t trust a business, you would rather spend your hard-earned money somewhere else – even when the price is higher.

Businesses are leveraging video to build trust, and it’s working wonders.

But how?

Testimonials Increase Conversions by as Much as 86%

Video is a powerful marketing tool. Potential leads love video because it allows them to feel a greater connection with the company. Statistics back up this statement, too. When used in testimonials, video can increase conversions by as much as 86%.

But the video can’t just be randomly placed on any page for this to work.

When trying to convert a lead, from a landing page, the use of video testimonials will be most powerful. The idea is to use testimonials to help push a potential lead into opening up their wallet or bank account and spending money.

Video testimonials are powerful, and it’s easy to ask past customers and clients for these testimonials.

  • Send out an email discussing how your business will be creating video testimonials
  • Set a date in the email and ask anyone interested to reply
  • Setup a video booth inside of your business to record the testimonials

You’ll want to have a signed consent form to ensure that you’re allowed to use the videos that you take. See how CareConnect does this.

Content Marketing Through Video

Content marketing is a hit. When content is made, shared and digested, it can build a business and increase sales. The problem is that written content isn’t always as personal as it could be. Sure, some writing styles pop with flare, but not all of them do.

Videos, on the other hand, captivate audiences and are much easier to digest.

People love video.

And you can do a lot with your videos. Take North Georgia Inliners for example. The company has videos that:

  • Showcase the company’s work
  • Are promoted on YouTube
  • Answer common questions

Sure, the company has a blog, too, but video just expands content marketing’s reach even further. The great thing is that you have ample opportunities to create video:

  • Read your blog posts on video
  • Answer frequently asked questions on video
  • Show a product demonstration
  • Answer viewer questions in live video

Video is key because it adds a personality to business that is often overlooked. You can even add video into posts – it’s highly recommended. When video is added into a post, statistics show that the post will attract three times the number of links a text-only post receives.

Solving Problems Through Video

When a company has clients or customers, there is one main reason: the client has a problem to solve. This problem may be a plumbing leak, or the problem may be a company has too much data and needs to find a big data solution to solve the problem.

In any scenario, there’s always some problem that needs to be solved.

These problems are now being solved with video. A few examples of this may be:

  • A graphics card company showing users how to install their card
  • Plumbers showing viewers how to temporarily patch a leaking pipe
  • Accountants explaining new tax code laws to viewers

You might be giving away valuable information, and some potential customers may follow the plumber’s advice and never call them for service. But there will also be a lot of viewers that view the video, feel that you’re a trusted professional and give you a call.

It’s all about educating the viewer, and when you educate, you become an authority that demands trust from the viewer.

It’s really that simple.

Videos have a way of creating this effortless, personal connection with users that is much harder to achieve with text alone. Since people have such short attention spans, video is the ideal way to keep the viewer’s attention, get your message across and build on your brand’s trust all at the same time.