A Healthcare Marketing Guide

If you are looking to improve the performance of your healthcare company, then you will need to work hard on promotion. Today, even the idea of healthcare is something that is in the hands of the consumer. People shop for the drugs that they want, and they know that they will need to pick and choose carefully if they want the best treatment. Consumers are empowered to decline the drugs they don’t want, to get the scans they want, and elect procedures that might not be what a doctor immediately would suggest. Some doctors dislike this approach, but for better or worse, that his how the market is.

That’s why more and more practices are using healthcare marketing guides and studying the marketplace. It’s vital that you look to find ways of educating and informing your prospective users.

It would be negligent for a healthcare marketing guide to fail to mention that there are some strict rules and regulations surrounding how healthcare can be marketed. You are obliged to ensure that you are promoting your business properly. You need to make it clear if there are any risks or side effects with the product or service that you are promoting and you are not allowed to make claims about how the service works. Healthcare marketing is strictly regulated because there are, quite literally, lives at stake.

That’s why when you promote medicines, you are required to list the potential side effects. If you promote supplements you are not allowed to make claims that make them sound like drugs. If you promote physiotherapy, your wording must be careful and clear, based on the qualifications you have and the type of treatment that you are offering.

It’s not easy to grow a business. You can market on social media, and you can get a lot of footfall from local search. Combine these and you have a decent base to market to. Word of mouth can be good for healthcare marketing as well.

Paid search is an option, but you will need a significant budget to do well with it, because a lot of the health related words are high competition and expensive. In addition, you will need to follow Google or Facebook (or the other platform’s) rules carefully – there are numerous reasons why an ad campaign might get turned down.

If you’re looking at ideas for healthcare marketing, start with the basics. Make sure that your website is smart, functional and error free. Set up a social media page and put in place strict policies for the content that you post on it. Be consistent with what you post, and use it to engage in basic public facing customer service. Get your organisation listed on the main search and mapping platforms, and start offering email subscription lists with safe, general health tips. Get a qualified writer to put these together, so that you don’t fall into the trap of giving health care advice online that oversteps legal boundaries.