8 Tips that will Help You Locate the Ideal Location for your Exhibit

The Entrepreneur.com’s Small Business Encyclopedia defines a trade show as “an exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services.”

Trade shows are primarily a B2B (Business-to-Business) events. Consequently, it makes sense that most events are only open to company employees and journalists as their main aim is to garner interest and sales from other companies in the same retail sector.

Tips to help you locate the ideal location for your exhibit

Exhibiting at a trade show is not cheap. In fact, you’ll likely use up most of your exhibition budget to book your space at the venue. Thus, it’s vital that you should choose the right location for your brand carefully and thoughtfully. You should not make a hasty decision as the location of your stand is a crucial part of making the most out of your exhibit.

It should also be noted here that different locations in the building where the exhibition is taking place will have various costs. It stands to reason that high-volume and entrance level areas will cost the most. Therefore, you should choose the location that suits your budget in relation to the volume of foot traffic that is likely to pass your stand because your ROI is at stake here.

It is for this reason that you need to apply these eight fantastic tips to get the ideal location for your exhibit:

Reserve your Space ASAP

As early as possible, you have to make reservations right away. Sometimes, as early as a year before the exhibit, you can actually contact the show organizer to check on the available spaces and pick a spot.

Know the Floor Exhibits

Most likely, event organizers will have an idea of what spots are effective. Thus, you can ask about their past experiences on what spaces are mostly attended by people. Usually, there is always a pattern on how this goes, so they can give you a helpful tip.

Choose an Efficient Space

Just because a spot is bigger, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to sell more. You have to consider the important elements such as your trade show goals, budget, traffic flow, and display needs. It is important to realize that a bigger site will not necessarily increase your ROI. Therefore, you should the space that has the greatest chance of returning the best ROI.

Avoid Highly Congested Areas

It doesn’t mean that the more people gather around your booth, the more income you’ll get. There’s a good chance that crowded areas can eliminate your chance of effectively communicating with possible buyers because of the mayhem around your booth.

Strategically Position your Booth

To make your booth stand out, you can pick a strategic space wherein you could highlight your stand without a cost. By simply positioning your booth in between stands with fewer displays, you can already look more appealing than the rest.

Another point to consider what style of booth you should use to display your products the most effectively. Essentially, there are two options – a standard booth or a custom trade booth design.

Stay Away from Threat

Staying away from big-time competitors is a smart move when you want to have more attendees. Thus, ask the event organizer about the participant placements and find a place away from them.

Pick the Ideal Side

According to recent statistics, U.S. attendees are more likely to start on the right and European visitors on the left. However, this shouldn’t be your sole reason for choosing a spot.

Test the Floor Exhibit

Find time to actually test the floor exhibit. Knowing the general feel of the area will let you know what to upgrade in order to maximize your booth space.

As stated by recent statistics, trade shows remain one of the most cost-effective business strategies in the U.S. alone. Thus, knowing how to choose the ideal spot should be a priority when you want to make the most out of a trade show event. By applying these tips, you will surely get the ideal booth for your products and services. Surely, you will get your ROI right away!