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7 Web Based Tools To Optimize Productivity

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Nowadays, working entails the use of software and web-based platforms to increase productivity. The idea behind this is to automate some tasks, which don’t have to be done by human interventions. For instance, you don’t need to hire someone to supervise employees so they do their work as you can use software tools for monitoring employees.

Aside from that, the use of web productivity tools does not only make work fast, but you can also save money. In other words, using them will make your business more efficient. There are a lot of such tools you can find through the internet, but it’s difficult to determine which one you should choose, especially if you are not familiar with them. Just as you might wonder if you should install a standard sink or select a modern square vessel sink, you want the best software with the most useful features.

To help you, here are seven web-based tools you can use to optimize productivity:

1. Clockspot

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You can find a few time clocks online in order to monitor the work progress of your employees, and most of these platforms offer various features. Although, Clockspot is a time clock, you can use it to automatically generate timesheets and payroll as it has more options to that of their competition. Using this application will save your HR department and accounting department time and money.

2. Evernote

Several years ago, Microsoft notepad was the only option for online workers. Although it’s still useful for many writers today, taking down notes is no longer about just a notepad. Nowadays, complex work such as web development needs notes in order to collaborate with others. This is where Evernote comes into play. It’s cloud-based, so you can also share the notes to ensure consistency of work among team members.

3. Google Drive

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Just like Evernote, Google Drive can be used to share files. The difference is that Google Drive has more storage space and features, and almost all types of tasks can be shared via cloud. Moreover, it’s very popular, so you can share your files easily with a variety of people, and you are the one who limits what they can see.

4. Hiveage

If you have an online business that requires web-based payments, you should use a platform that can help you generate invoices to bill customers and Hiveage is one of them. This software offers payment gateways, so your customers can directly pay you through your website.

5. Mint

Using a web-based productivity tool helps you save time and money in many ways. You can speed up your work and produce more output, which translates into major savings.

On the other hand, there is a web-based platform which directly serves that purpose. This platform helps you track your expenses. If you are looking for a money management platform, then Mint is for you.

6. Salesforce

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Every business should have a sales management system. With this platform, you can easily organize your tasks. It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help you do your sales-related tasks such as email marketing, lead generation, service ticket management, and sales reporting.

7. Basecamp

Working with a team requires collaboration and monitoring. This project management tool allows you to track and manage all the tasks assigned to your team in just one place.


As time goes by, more and more entrepreneurs are using web-based tools to boost their productivity. In addition, there is a steady growth with the number of online businesses that are being launched. This is a clear indication that the use of web-based tools is a must. The above tools are the ones you can start your journey to being more productive.

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