7 genius ways to announce a new product

There are two best times to promote a new product: in the development stage and at the product launch. Nonetheless, preparing for a product launch is far from being a simple process, and this is a thing that every entrepreneur out there could tell you. Apart from all the impediments that may appear in the development stage, there are some genius ways in which you could announce your next product. The following paragraphs will shed some light on the matter.

#1. Collaborate with niche influencers

Big names in your niche are impressive outlets that you can use when you plan to announce a new product. This strategy is especially effective that you plan to implement this step in the social media. Or anywhere else on the web. You can collaborate with niche influencers to host a guest blog post about your future product, its features, costs, development stage etc..

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing strategy if you want to use the advantages of social proof to leverage the trust and popularity that social media influencers have on their audience. However, make sure that you choose your influencer carefully. The product has to be relevant for their community. Otherwise, your campaign it’s unlikely to be effective. Your chosen influencers don’t have to get in your product’s possession, so don’t worry if it’s still in the development stage. They only need a topic suitable to bring up your product.

#2. Implement a testing campaign

Beta testing is the perfect way to introduce your products to your audience. While it is not always feasible, this strategy is just perfect if you want to gather some feedback from your potential clients. This strategy also builds up your costumer’s anticipation and excitement. Create these tests around your product’s design or features, for the best results. The aesthetics matter, and asking your potential client’s opinion in this phase will make them feel valued, get invested in this product’s development and also spread the word.

For those unable to get involved in the beta testing phase, share snippets and samples of your products, teasers and so on. This will also raise the client’s interest and intrigue them just enough to try your product when launched. This step is perfect if you want to build client anticipation.

#3. Do it at an event organized by your company

If you plan a big product announcement, an event organized by your company is the perfect setup for this. If you want to generate cash flow before your product launch, experts recommend organizing a fee-based event. This will fuel your revenue to finance the product’s development if it’s not finished yet, but it will also help you to generate revenue to organize the event per se. A system such as the one at Purplepass is the perfect tool that you can use for this purpose.

#4. Implement a referral program

Referral programs work wonders if you want to collect leads and increase social proof. “Help” your potential clients spread the word about your product with the help of a referral program. Plan ahead, for the best results. The reward doesn’t have to be monetary. Offer them discounts for each buyer that they recommend. You could also implement a point-based referral program.

The good part about referral schemes is that they can be used as an extended marketing campaign.

#5. Go big or go home

Many companies announce their products through a Facebook post. While this will increase customer engagement for sure, it may not be the best strategy that you can implement. Sometimes, traditional methods work best. An enormous banner in a high-traffic area is a great example of a similar approach. Install it overnight and make it look grandiose. Alternatively, you could create a commercial with a big impact on your audience. Make potential clients feel like they need your products. Guerrilla marketing works like a charm if you want a more aggressive, yet effective way to announce your products.

#6. Product Launch Email Campaign

If you want to reach all your clients at once, you simply have to get into their inbox. But instead of tailoring a single email for everybody and hoping that it will be effective, you have to put in some extra efforts. These campaigns have very specific purposes: linking, social proof, creating reciprocity, consistency, to build anticipation, and increase your company’s authority. If you plan to design an email marketing campaign for a product announcement that builds anticipation, you have to follow some simple rules: use a nice influencer’s opinion, have a story that backs up your product, and have a good “WHY”. Why do your clients need your future product? Which features differentiate it from its previous versions? Think of the announcements tailored by smartphone manufacturers. These are quite representative for successful product announcements that increase client’s anticipation.

#7. Do something unusual

To grab everybody’s attention when announcing a new product or service, do something out of the ordinary. This way, clients will remember your company and the future product. A similar approach will also stir interest and make clients wonder. Create a funny video or maybe an unusual announcement ad. Think of video content that apparently has no relevance for your company or products, and give it a twist at the end. This strategy works wonderfully for companies in a variety of industries. Forget about old, traditional product announcements.

These are seven genius ways to announce a new product. Combine and test each of them, for the best results. Intrigue people, make them feel like they’re part of a story. Sometimes, a product announcement can stir the curiosity of your audience so much that the product will sell itself at the launch.

Combine the strategies above with smart marketing strategies. Find a creative team to help you in your journey and never overlook the importance of an official product announcement event. If you plan such events smartly, you can even generate the necessary revenue to finance your product development.