7 Easy Ways An Office Can Become Eco-Friendly While Actually Saving Money

There are lots of expensive ways to save the world, but it will be hard to get businesses on board. After all, their main priority is to make money. At the very least they’ll want to save their cash. It’s why offices should approach things in a different way.

Do whatever you can to turn your office green, but focus on the ways that will help you save money first. It’s much more likely you’ll stick to your mission when it’s affecting your profits in a positive way. We’ll cover some of the ways you can get started today.

Unplugging Your Computers Every Day

Do you remember a few years ago when everyone was saying turning your computer off wasted energy? Apparently it used more energy booting up every day and everyone ended up leaving them plugged in non-stop.

Now we know phantom energy will drive up your energy bills when you leave anything plugged in, so ask everyone in the office to turn their computer off properly. This applies to all other devices in the office too.

Start Refilling Your Printer Cartridges

There might come a day when offices stop using traditional printers, but it’s not going to happen any time soon. Cartridges cause great damage when thrown away because they’re toxic and will stick around for a while.

Even when the plastic finally degrades, water and soil could be spoiled for much longer. An easier solution would be to use refillable cartridges. If you use the printer a lot every month it will save you a fortune.

Storing Your Data In The Cloud

We’ve just talked about printing out paper, so now would be a good time to look at why you should store your data in the cloud. If you store it in multiple places it’s going to be so safe you’ll never have to worry.

Blockchain technology is soon going to help you store things without third-party providers. The extra office space you’ll need to physically store data will have a negative impact on your wallet and the environment.

Let Your Employees Work From Home

Someone could absolutely love their job, but they’ll still never be a fan of the daily commute. Can you imagine how much harmful emissions are released into the air as employees drive into the office every morning?

If it’s possible to let people work from home X days per week you should let them. Don’t be afraid about them sitting around doing nothing, because it’s actually been shown it will boost their productivity.

Redesigning Your Office The Green Way

You don’t even need to wait until you’re carrying out major renovations to make your office greener. Start with the air quality and office lighting. Low-VOC paint is a lot less toxic than the conventional kind.

Improve the air quality and your employees will take less sick days. Energy efficient light bulbs are up to 80 percent more cost effective too, so throw away your old incandescent bulbs when you get the chance.

Make Sure Your Office Has A Few Plants

Plants also help with air quality and everyone knows they’re extremely good for the environment. It’s unfortunate there isn’t too many plants in most offices unless someone wants to use them for decorative purposes.

They’ve actually found in a study plants can boost employee productivity by up to 15 percent, which will equal a lot of money. It’s definitely worth buying a selection of beautiful plants for your office.

It’s Time For A Casual Dress Code

Ask yourself if your office needs to enforce a strict dress code we’ve had in place forever. In some professions you might not have a choice, but in many you do and a strict dress code simply isn’t necessary any more.

You’ll read about how a casual dress code will boost morale, but don’t forget about minor things like energy bills too. For example, if employees wear comfortable clothes in summer it will cost less money to cool the office.

Start Making These Changes Now

If these tips weren’t going to save you money it would be easy to leave them until a later date. The fact they’ll boost your bank balance means they should be put into practice straight away. For as long as they’re ignored they will be costing you money every month.