7 creative ways to have fun while saving money on your child’s birthday party

Birthday parties for a child can be expensive. Especially if the birthday child has a lot of friends. Many parties are held at party venues or local restaurants where the parents have overhead to entertain the children. With some ingenuity and creativeness, you can conceive an awesome memorable birthday atmosphere in your very home where the kids will not only not miss being out in the bright lit venues, but they will have more fun and be in a fun family atmosphere.

1. Have the party in a creative space in your home

Not only is having the party in your home going to save you money, but you can have fun by being creative with your space. A great idea would be to remove all of the furniture in your living room (or another sizable area) and set up a homemade movie theater. You could use chairs or even better yet create floor seating spaces with sleeping bags!

2. Do all homemade decorations

DIY parties have become a super popular option to cut cost for children’s birthday parties. This seems simple in theory: pick a theme, purchase on-sale or dollar store plates, cups and decorations that coincide, create 1 or 2 games to keep the kids occupied for an hour and buy the cake. Let the kids create the theme of the party themselves. If you wanted to go with a butterfly theme, you could then buy craft board and construction paper where the kids can cut out butterfly shapes and color them in as well as decorate them

3. Make homemade birthday card invitations for free

What parents on a budget really need is an interactive, free online resource with the ability to completely customize their very own birthday party invitations for free. Uploading your own pictures and creating custom designs is great fun for the birthday child. Free invitations are also very easy on the wallet!

4. Shop at wholesale warehouses

Get party food, snacks, drinks and cakes at wholesale food places like Costco to keep costs down. Having the kids make their own pizza’s, hamburgers and cupcakes for desert is very inexpensive and course interactive and fun for the kids.

5. Get party favors at the dollar store

Buy things like reusable party hats and balloons at the party store to save money. Many dollar stores have bubble packages where they have like 5 or 10 items packages in them for just one dollar. Shop for deals and bulk packaged party favors.

6. Have the family help

Ask siblings and relatives to come and help entertain the kids with fun games. You can delegate a family member to help the kids cook or bake. Maybe even a friend or family member has a skill like face painting or is an aspiring magician or comedian.

7. Homemade live entertainment and games

Play fun games like musical chairs that do not cost money. A secret kid favorite is to tape toilet paper sheets from the ceiling to the floor and let them run through the strips like a car wash. Use your imagination and have the children play the birthday child’s existing board games to save money.