7 Best Free Website Builders for Beginners  

Most businesses tend to overlook the importance of having a website for branding. In this era of the internet, a great proportion of the market has shifted online and by not having a high standard website, or any at all, equates to suicide for businesses. But thanks to dedicated developers who care about your brand and business, there are free, easy-to-use website building tools online. These are accessible and affordable options for designing and developing websites without the actual need of writing computer programs.

Here, we shall highlight the seven most popular and free website designing tools available online for beginners. We shall take note of their special features and mention some top reasons why businesses should use them in designing their websites. If you are keen on giving your brand an online presence and are shopping for free website building tools to use, make sure you read this piece right up until its end.

1. Wix

Boasting of over 80million websites, Wix has grown to become the most popular website builder over the past few years. Parts of its success this can be credited to its top marketing investments, but a majority are attributed to its features. Wix has a wide scope of target markets as it can perfectly fit with artists, businesses, online stores, and restaurants. Its websites are optimized for access over different platforms including mobile devices and is optimized for access by numerous apps. Some of the benefits of Wix include its thousands of pre-built layout themes, its flexibility which helps add that ‘pixel perfect’ touch and the fact that it allows for animations of texts.

2. Weebly

Weebly is a top and popular free website builder platform that is a class above its competitors. The builder comes with an intuitive interface that makes it popular among users for its user-friendliness. Unlike other site builders, you will not be forced to advertise anything for your free account. More so, free accounts also come with e-mail support and the freedom of using a custom domain name. With a free Weebly account, users can download their sites and choose to host it elsewhere. Weebly free account holders are provided with an education option which allows students to host as many as 40 student websites.

3. IMCreator

With IMCreator, everything is tailored to provide users with a lean and professional website in the easiest possible way. IMCreator hosts more than 3million websites most which are rich in images as this is the unique style by IMCreator. The tools are kept few for easy and fast development and target photographers, hotels, personal websites, weddings or any other businesses that would be keen on having an image-filled website other than one crowded with words. The templates are pre-populated for easy publishing and eye-catching. The builder also supports drag and drop functionality which provides users with full control on content.

4. Yola

One of the features that have set this company apart from its competitors is their caring customer support. A website building tool might be designed for easy use but without the necessary support, users are bound not to take advantage of the full potential of its features. Yola is based on an Ecwid plug-in which is quite powerful and helpful for users who want to use their website for e-commerce. There are also other handy tools such as the Facebook-publishing tool, directory application, and submissions that greatly improve Search Engine Optimization for your website.

5. WebStarts

For brands looking for a simple, well-structured website builder that will deliver results instantly, WebStarts is the perfect solution. This builder fully incorporates a drag-and-drop feature which makes it easy and fast for users to customize content in websites. The builder does not involve any coding and can be used by an amateur. Templates are pre-define and very flexible with the pre-installed widgets and editing tools that give users the chance to define the final appearance of their websites. WebStarts supports eCommerce and allows users to create an account for members where they can log in to the website and access exclusive features.

6. Puzl

Many website building tools claim they are free but come with a price of compulsory advertising. That, however, is not Puzl which is a simple, highly customizable and user-friendly website builder that allows for easy integration with social media and mobile platforms. You receive web hosting services at no cost and on top of that, receive unlimited storage and number of pages. This is the ultimate website building tool that helps businesses establish an online brand through websites at no additional costs.

7. Webs

This website builder has been around since 2001 and has seen its way up. Currently hosting more than 55 million websites, Webs is a popular website builder that delivers well for small businesses. The tool is reliable as can be attested by its long existence, flexible and designed with a user-friendly touch. Users are allowed to build membership sites which are a plus as there are no complicated processes of integrating external membership gateway services to the website. It also allows for the integration of third party tools through its App Store which makes it service-effective for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In order to help make the right choice among all the existing brands of site builders, there are free interactive tools like this wizard which take your preferences and needs as inputs and outputs the most likely site builder that should do the job for you.