Paramount brings movies to YouTube

You’ll soon be able to watch hundreds of new movies from Youtube, but they won’t be free.

Paramount Pictures has entered into a deal with Google that will bring 500 new movie titles to the Youtube platform over the next few weeks in the US and Canada.

This partnership incorporates not only Youtube but also Google Play, the new entertainment platform on Android that replaces the Android Market and includes all sorts of content ranging from apps to music to movies.

According to an official Youtube blog post, “many” of those 500 are available today, “and the rest will be added to Youtube and Google Play over the next few months.”

Paramount is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, making it one of the oldest movie studios in the world. As such, it has not always been the first on the digital bandwagon.

Paramount becomes the fifth of the six major studios to sign a deal with Google, meaning it is slightly behind the times. Nevertheless, it is a great acquirement for Google.

The company boasted that it now has nearly 9,000 movies available for rent to customers around the world. In addition to five major studios, it also has partnerships with 10 independent movie studios.

So, “Whether you’re a fan of a five-time Oscar winning movie about a boy’s adventures in Paris, everyday vehicles that change into terrifying robots, a charming high school slacker who takes a day off from school, or the most perfect mafia trilogy ever made, YouTube and Google Play will have what you’re looking for thanks to Paramount,” said Youtube director of content partnerships Malik Ducard.