News Corp accused of more hacking

News Corp, which ate massive amounts of crow after its tabloid publications were accused of unlawful hacking, is now facing a new allegation.

This one relates to the media giant’s long-running UK newspaper the Times. The local Metropolitan Police Service is following a lead that an employee at the publication hacked into an individual’s e-mail account.

From there, the employee allegedly found private information about the individual and then posted it in the Times for the world to see. Both the employee’s and the apparent hacking victim’s identities have not been revealed.

The Times has been in print for 227 years, making it one of the longest-running, still-active publications in the world. It has a massive amount of prestige, more so than the previous two News Corp publications that have been involved in this investigative sting.

The lead about the e-mail hack came as local authorities went to nearly every UK-based News Corp office and tried to figure out if any other illegal activity has taken place. An editor at the Times revealed the alleged cyber intrusion.

This is the first time the News Corp sting has revealed a cyber crime. The previous two cases dealth with unlawfully accessing phone records, and bribery.