Steve Jobs action figures are eerily realistic

When was the last time a deceased corporate CEO was given the same treatment as superheroes and movie characters?

Maybe there’s a first time for everything. A Chinese company by the name of InIcons has just revealed its newest creation – a Steve Jobs action figure.

Yes, this hyper realistic 12-inch replica of the Apple visionary is available for the low price of just $100.

Or, as the company describes it, it’s an action figure of “the Genius, Great Inventor and Visionary: Steve Jobs.”

That’s a paltry price to pay for all the kids out there who are sure to have hours of fun mimicking their favorite Apple press conferences, or jumping onto a soap box to say there’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 4.

The doll comes with the classic Jobs black turtleneck, inimitable glasses, jeans, and even a miniature iPhone (which the action figure seems to be holding in such a way that it might cause his calls to be dropped).

The action figure doesn’t officially go on sale until February, and since the company is based in China it doesn’t appear to have any plans to launch in the US yet – lawsuits and all that.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty masterful action figure and not just some cheap toy. This is one for the Apple fan is all of us.