Apple NYC event rumored, iBooks speculated

Apple rumors are already starting to creep into the new year.

According to various reports, the company is planning to hold a VIP get-together in New York City this month. However, that’s where the similarities in the reports end.

When it comes to actual details about said event, there is no universally accepted theory. However, the one that has likely emerged is that Apple will make some sort of iBooks announcement.

If that sounds boring, it might be. Various reports indicate that Apple may not even offer a new feature or anything at the event, but will merely just talk about the growth and success of iBooks.

Unlike many consumer electronics companies, Apple does not have a history of unveiling new and exciting products in New York.

The city filled with media and analysts has rarely played home to a significant Apple event. However, there are obviously some very key players in the industry in New York, and keeping them abreast of all the latest news is important for any company.

So, alas, when it comes to big news like the iPad 3 or a new Macbook or anything else that Apple fans might actually care about, you’re probably better off just hanging out in California and waiting there.