Fusion Garage dies a quick, biting death

It seems Fusion Garage, a company that was at one point the new hot thing in tech, has shut down without fanfare or even a real explanation to customers.

The company’s website appeared to have been taken offline, though it is now partly back up. However, the online storefront remains closed leading many to assume that Fusion Garage’s ambitions of creating a new and exciting tablet have been crushed.

That’s not the only reason people are jumping to such a conclusion. The company’s PR team at the firm McGrath Power has also stopped working for Fusion Garage.

In a statement that was quoted by Theverge.com, the firm said, “Unfortunately, none of our efforts have resulted in any communication from the company to the customers. Given all of this, we don’t have any other choice but to cease working with Fusion Garage.”

In addition, the company’s law firm Quinn Emanuel has also ended its arrangement, citing nonpayment:

“Quinn Emanuel seeks leave to withdraw as counsel of record for Defendant Fusion Garage PTE. Ltd. (‘Fusion Garage’) because Fusion Garage’s non-payment of attorneys’ fees and associated costs and a breakdown of the attorney-client relationship have made it unreasonably difficult, if not impossible, for Quinn Emanuel to continue to adequately and properly represent Fusion Garage in this matter,” the firm wrote in an official filing.

Fusion Garage is known for its creative product names like the JooJoo and Grid 10, but customers who placed orders for a Grid 10, the most recent product, have not received anything and they are unable to contact the company.

In other words, Fusion Garage was either a sham from the beginning, or it was just run by people who were in way over their heads. Either way, it’s quite a sad story.