6 Apps Helping Businesses Manage Data

With the ongoing onslaught of new apps and larger software for business data management, it is easy to miss some real gems. We have looked at many recent business data app offerings to try to determine the cream of the crop. Here are five of the best for a variety of data management use cases. One of these could be the solution you have been looking for.


This new app co-founded by Bill Busbice is aimed directly at the world of trucking. It might not seem immediately evident to outside observers, but trucking companies and owner-operators have a large variety of data to manage. HWY Pro helps drivers build the optimal route, even when traveling on roads they’ve never been on before. It also makes dispatching and invoicing a breeze. HWY Pro compiles relevant information about destination cities to save drivers money and keep them ahead of schedule. Finally, HWY Pro connects drivers with loads anywhere in the country, which they can pick up after they’ve dropped off in an unfamiliar area.

Citrix Sharefile Business.

This app is able to share files quickly between all kinds of devices, not just PC to PC. It’s also compatible with iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows, so all of your employees will be able to use it, no matter their device of choice. Excellent backend functionality will allow IT to wipe or disable individual devices if files are shared accidentally or need to be removed for any reason.

Fairsail HRMS.

This app is the most multinational in scope of operations of any application on this list. You can configure it to the specific needs of your organization, tracking applications, managing benefits, and any of a whole host of other solutions made available by third-party developers and sellers. It does a big job (or jobs), but you can do almost everything from any mobile device of your choosing.

Zoho Recruit.

Great talent is in short supply right now, and no company wants to miss out on an opportunity to bring on the best. Zoho Recruit tracks your applicants, letting you search for candidates, create job listings, and perform communications between colleagues and candidates. It’s available for Apple and Android.


Probably the most recognizable name on this list, Mailchimp has earned its reputation by being intuitive, supremely useful, and adaptive to the changing needs of its widespread client base. You can launch big email blasts any time of day or night with a few simple mobile app actions. It allows you to track your progress in a whole bunch of ways. Overall, the functionality and insights you can derive from Mailchimp would only have been available to you on desktop just a few years ago. If you haven’t tried it, you may just find it to be indispensable.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional.

There are a million customer relationship management (CRM) tools out there, but Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional has become one of our favorites. Customer and sales data reveals incredible insights, if it is properly filtered. Salesforce hits the sweet spot of incisive data generation, all through the flexible action of a simple mobile application. You’ll never get more with less than with Salesforce.

This by no means exhausts all of the possibilities in the world of data applications for business. You can get lost (and use up too much of your device’s memory) trying to investigate the usefulness of every new app, so these six are a great place to start. As techniques improve, these services are only going to get better. One day there may be “one app to rule them all” but until that day comes, these are a great place to start.