Al Gore comments on impact of Steve Jobs death

Former vice president and current media attention junkie Al Gore talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs at a tech conference called AsiaD this week.

“There’s no one like Steve Jobs. He’s the kind of guy who comes along every 250 years,” Gore summarized.

The global climate change activist sits on the board of directors at Apple, and to that end discussed how the death of Jobs will impact the company.

As Gore sees it, though, the impact won’t be that significant, at least among top level executives. He said he does not believe anyone will leave now that the visionary ex-CEO is gone.

“Their loyalty to the company, I think, is quite deep, and to one another. It is a great feeling at Apple,” he posited.

Gore is not alone in his opinions. Because Jobs stepped down from his full-time role at Apple months before he passed away, few people saw his unsurprising death as having an immediate impact on the company.

Nevertheless, his passing is sure to affect the direction that Apple will take moving forward. Though Jobs was no longer the CEO, even on his deathbed he was still toiling away on the latest and greatest innovations.

There were reports that he was actively working on the iPhone 5 up until the day before he died. Never before has a single man had such an incredible impact on such a powerful company.