5 Ways Your Brand Reputation Is Put at Risk with Poor Web Hosting

Brand reputation is everything. Word spreads fast and if something is wrong with your company’s website, people are going to know about it quickly. Most web problems are down to the choice of web host. Too many companies don’t consider hosting features prior to signing up for a package. And here are some of the ways in which your brand reputation is subsequently put at risk.

Downtime Can Cripple Your Web Presence

The first issue is that downtime is more likely when you choose a poor web host. They don’t have the infrastructure to support your website. Downtime could happen for a variety of reasons, including malicious attacks and major spikes in traffic. The point is that if you have anything less than 99.9% uptime the chances are you’re losing customers.

Downtime is the number one reason someone won’t buy from you. It’s because your online presence isn’t working.

Personal Data is at Risk

Poor web hosts pay little attention to security. Web hosts need to have the latest security measures to cope with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, poor web hosts are putting websites at risk. Brands handle the private and sensitive data of their customers. Losing it to an attack could not only open themselves up to a negative reputation but it could lead to legal action.

A Lack of Functionality

This links back to downtime, but it’s important to make the point that poor web hosting packages can lead to a lack of web functionality. When customers trying to make a purchase can’t they’re going to start leaving negative reviews about your company.

A slew of negative reviews is hard to shake. It can take months to repair the damage, assuming the damage is repaired at all.

Demonstration of Incompetence

When customers look at a website they expect it to be there. If it isn’t your web host is sending a message about you. That message is one of incompetence. If you’re unable to maintain an excellent website at all times, you’re showing your target market that you’re incompetent.

In the minds of customers, they’re thinking that if you can’t keep your platform running smoothly you couldn’t possibly deliver the product or service they’re looking for.

Malicious Attacks on Your Reputation

You don’t want to think about it, but sometimes your competitors or a disgruntled customer could attack your website with the purpose of ruining your reputation. A hijacked website can be used for any number of evil purposes. Web hosts with poor security and web hosts who provide little to help to their clients are ineffective at preventing such malicious attacks.

Don’t take the risk.

Last Word – Choose Your Web Host Wisely

Dealing with a poor web host is not just a frustrating experience, it’s a dangerous one. Your reputation is your greatest asset and it doesn’t take much to destroy it. Choose your web host wisely or you could face the consequences.

Have you ever been the victim of poor web hosting?

Author Bio: Rehan is an entrepreneur and content strategist passionate about writing stuff for startups. His areas of interest include digital business strategy and strategic decision making.