5 ways to recognize a car lover

Car lovers are fanatic about nearly every aspect of cars. They never look at a car as a whole, but rather they examine every element of the car to make sure it meets their expectations. In fact, they often see even the smallest details that are typically overlooked by everyone else. Car lovers are oftentimes the first person everyone calls when they have a question about a car or the one people turn to when they are looking for a new vehicle.

If you are a car lover, you are likely to be proud to admit it. If you know someone who is a car lover, then it may not surprise you to know that every car lover is very particular about these five things.

1.Exterior Look of the Car

Car lovers are easy to spot. They are the ones that are constantly washing and polishing their vehicle. Outside appearance is the most important element of their car and they want to make sure it looks great at all times. They will notice the smallest scratches or imperfections and fix them immediately.

2.Stereo System

When it comes to stereo system, not just any type will do for the typical car lover. They need a system that provides a nice, clear sound and has stunning surround sound power. They also want all the latest technology, such as satellite radio and mobile device connections in their vehicle. A true car lover always calls on a professional car stereo installation service when it the time comes to upgrade their system to make sure it’s done right.

3.Tyres and Hubcaps

Standard tyres and hubcaps will never pass the inspection of a car lover. They insist on only the top-of-the-line tyres that provide the ultimate ride all year long. The car’s hubcaps are also important. A true car lover could spend hours searching for the perfect hubcaps to match their perfect car. The good news is that there are thousands of hubcaps designs and styles to choose from, so even the pickiest car lover should have no problem finding the right one.

4.Car Seats

While the look of the car is extremely important to the car lover, so is riding in comfort. Leather seats are a popular option for most car lovers. However, they definitely will search for a vehicle that offers adjustable seats to allow them to position themselves just right while driving. They also go to great length to keep the interior of their vehicle, including keeping the driver’s seat and passenger’s’ seats in mint condition. They definitely are not the type to allow any type of food or drink inside their car.


One of the first places a genuine car lover will look is under the hood. While the average car buyer may not know what to look for when they pull up the hood, the car lover will know exactly what they want. Only after they have assessed the car’s engine will they take the vehicle out for a test drive to see if the performance really matches what they saw under the hood.

As you can see, car lovers are concerned about both the exterior and interior of the vehicle, as well as the vehicle’s overall performance. Every detail must meet their standards and provide them with the ultimate ride. They love going to car shows to see both new models coming out on the market and classic vehicle that have been restored. In fact, they simply love everything about cars.