5 Reasons to get a RV when you’re young

Buying a home in your 20’s may seem like a vague fantasy, but a lot of young people opt for the next best thing – a RV. Motorhomes are built for the young and restless who love the open roads and aren’t afraid of charting a less beaten path.

RVs are designed for hopeless romantics and passionate travellers. Here are five reasons you should consider buying a motorhome when you’re young:

1. It’s affordable

The most common misconception about RV life is the amount of money it costs. While rv roof repair and maintenance will cost you a fair amount, buying and running a motorhome is probably cheaper than buying a house. You’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars for an RV instead of the nearly $200,000 an average home in America costs. If you do the math, buying a RV is probably cheaper than taking on a mortgage or renting an apartment.

2. Flexibility

The biggest drawback of buying a house is the way it ties you down. When you’re young you want to be able to move freely and explore the world. If you get a job or business offer on the other side of the country, you’ll take months to sell your house at the right price. With a RV, all you need to do is refuel and set off to wherever you need to go. The vehicle broadens your horizon for great opportunities.

3. It’s perfect for remote workers

More millennials are working from home or completely remotely than ever before. Nearly 3.7 million Americans choose to work from home rather than spend their lives in a cubicle. Working from home, however, isn’t nearly as interesting as travelling the country and meeting new people all the time. With a RV, the world is open to you.

4. Connect with people

It’s easy to build a network online, but most of the people you know on social media don’t really connect the way they should. Instead, a RV lets you pop into town and meet more people face-to-face. You can see your family and distant relatives while traveling across the country. You can sign up for a popular event or a business summit and meet great new people.

5. Connect with nature

One of the best reasons to buy a RV and travel is the experiences you’re likely to have. There’s no better way to experience nature and see the most beautiful sights in your country than planning a year-long road trip in a RV.

If you’re young and willingly seeking adventure, these five reasons should be enough to convince you to buy a RV. Not only is it affordable and convenient, but it also lets you stay flexible when making decisions about work or relationships. Do your research and find a great motorhome for yourself.