5 Low-Cost Small Business Marketing Strategies 

Most business owners spend too much money and time on promos and marketing options like sponsorships, buying daily online placement ads, social media targeting and other expensive pay per lead marketing strategies that rarely generate new sales. As a result, these end up being wasted marketing dollars. In addition to low ROI, most small companies run on a limited budget and find it nearly impossible to compete with larger corporations when it comes to high-budget paid advertising.

Nonetheless, the primary goal of every small business is to reach its target customers and make sales. The idea is to make enough profit to maintain and grow the business. But, failure comes when you cannot get create brand recognition organically and fail to connect with people that would be interested in buying your products or services. However, marketing your small business or start-up can be done in the most cost-effective way and with excellent results. Here are 5 tips for marketing your business efficiently on the lowest possible budget:

Local Press Release Packages

Online publicity is an excellent way of build brand awareness, even if the news article is only circulated locally. When you have something new and exciting to announce, local press release syndication can land multiple editor publications on well-known local online news websites that generate thousands of unique daily visitors. Referral traffic and organic backlinks generated from just one high quality press release, can rapidly improve your local SEO rankings and online visibility. Within local press releases, companies can find simple ways to engage readers. One example would be including a quick consumer survey or collect their contact information by having them sign up to win a local contest reward. 99% of consumers love anything free, and usually bite at the chance to be an individual winner.

Build a Social Media Following

With increased access to the internet through convenient mobile internet usage, most people spend a lot of time online playing app games and constantly checking their social media accounts for regular news or gossip updates. You can efficiently use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now Snapchat to develop creative social brand building that will consistently attract new followers and possibly grow into a large target audience to use for free brand promotions and other advertising advantages.

Customer Focused Website Design

According to a recent article published on by Forbes, last year 75% of companies top web design objective was customer experience. In 2018, even the smallest business owners have to make their business website a top priority. A business website is an accurate reflection of company culture and how important client services are to the team. Innovative small business owners that respect their customers’ time, build their website layout based on personalization and improving their customer’s experiences each and every day. Modern customer focused websites are also an online industry resource hub. Small marketing teams embrace data collection in order to add as much value to their website as possible based on team talent and budget. To further client experience, integrate AI and low-cost Live Chat software for instant communication for those customers with social anxiety issues.

Make Quality Content Creation Top Priority

Creating quality client focused content is part of the website development process, and probably the most important organic marketing strategy small businesses can focus on. The most affordable and effective way to beat your competition, regardless of size and budget, is to outrank them online by creating the best content. To accomplish this goal, your team must include talented writers and SEO content marketers. Quality content simply needs to be higher quality than the other related online industry webpages. Include better original images, list more informative statistical data, rewrite older content to improve the quality and length. Google more times than not will put preference on longer pieces of resourceful content, so if your Services webpage is 500 words, rewrite and add better and updated content that totals 2500 words. Include unique infographics that have useful industry facts and statistics, and always update and improve your FAQ pages!

Join Local Networking Organizations

Having partnerships with complementary businesses will help to pool marketing budgets together and achieve your goals without breaking the bank. For example, attend a local networking group to see if there’s other small business owners that can help build your local brand. The most effective local organization is usually the Chamber of Commerce. Join and become regularly involved. Purchase a trendy LED backlit modern trade show display to promote your brand at annual local Chamber organization events. Increasing brand visibility through printed signage and promotional giveaways is a traditional marketing strategy that continues to be effective. In fact, the exhibition industry has continued to grow over the past 6 years, with 2018 looking to become the largest trade show marketing year in history!

Final Thoughts

There are many other techniques to get your business out there without breaking the bank. The key is trial and error so the correct small business marketing formula is set in place. As you continue your outbound marketing campaigns, you’ll eventually gain the attention of industry Influencers. Just one online mention from a well-known niche industry influencer will skyrocket your business brand overnight!

Shruti is a blogger & a digital marketing consultant at Rankmebest.com with lots of passion to write about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites. She live and breathe in digital marketing. Her aim is to spread her thought-provoking ideas to all generations. Stay tuned with her at:@shruti_gupta01 or via skype : shrutigupta2811