5 Innovations That Make Your Life Easier

Innovations are always inspiring and intriguing more so because they make life simpler. Over the years there have been many innovations that have contributed towards making human life easy.

Innovations don’t mean it has to be a big science thing, even easy life hacks and some quick tools that make your daily life easy are also innovation.

Here we have compiled some of the best innovation in varied fields, of which not all required a rocket scientist but little smart thinking,that made your life simple.

Let’s take a look at these five incredible technological innovations that have contributed to making your daily life more comfortable and in a way smarter.

  1. The suitcase scooter: Till date, you have been carrying your suitcase but times change! Now, your luggage will carry you wherever you go. The innovative suitcase scooter is one of a kind luggage that turns into a scooter to carry you. You can ride your luggage and take it along. No cabs, no fancy cars, just you and your luggage, the perfect travel partner!
  2. A lot of problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids are caused due to the incorrect position of evacuating the bowels. The solution to this problem is to go back to the traditional style of bowel evacuation. The squatty potty can transform your standard seat to a one that supports bowel movements in the right position.
  3. The physically disabled people now have a reason to cheers with the bionic arm coming close to reality. The arm has been developed by years of research by the scientist and allows secure exchange of sensation between the arm and the brain. Continuous improvement and effort being put in the field are promising to improve the technology and help make the lives better for those who are disabled.
  4. A smartphone is an integral part of life for most people, and the mobile giant Nokia has come up with a great fashion accessory around it. Nokia claims to have to build smart pants which although look similar to any other pants in your closet but allow you to charge your phone when it is in the pocket.
  5. The electric body groomer series 1000 by Philips is uniquely designed for trimming men body hairs to perfection. Earlier electric or manual tools where not explicitly designed for this, so it led to the hard skin, ingrown hairs, and trouble like rashes. But the series 1000 not only gives you perfect shave but protects your skin and its compact design is easy to handle. Battery operated so you can take it along wherever you go.

Well, these are five innovations that are on my chart today. Some of these innovations not only make life simple and convenient on a daily basis but they help you live a healthy life.

Innovations for our differently abled friends are always highlighted features; it helps them live their lives with confidence and look at the world with a better perspective.

Hope you liked our compilation, do let us know which is your favorite pick by writing in the comment section below.