5 Flashcard tools for College Students

Utilizing flashcards is one of the most popular ways of learning a new language. When you keep reviewing the flashcards time and again, the information gets ingrained in your memory in such a way that you don’t forget it. All college students want to study but there are times when they lack the enthusiasm to study something and it is then that the teachers have to think of various ways in which they can encourage their students to study. How can you make studying enjoyable?

Well, a lot speaks for using flash cards to make learning simpler and easier for students. You’ll be rather surprised to know that there are an incredible number of free websites to create flashcards online. Here are few flash card creation tools that may be helpful for college students.

  1. StudyBlue: This is a free study app for Android and iPhone where you can either learn about pre-existing flash cards or also make some of your own. The app keeps a tab on your progress and also keeps note o the terms which you have learned already and those that still need to be reviewed. The flashcards that you make can include images, texts, audio and you can even convert information into review sheets or quizzes. Users can join along with study partners and classmates to review together.
  2. Examtime: Examtime has got too many features which include mind maps, flashcards, notes, quizzes, groups and also a study planner. Each and every deck of flashcard can also be demonstrated in an interesting and cool 3D style.
  3. Quizlet: Quizlet has got a simple and straightforward user-interface and it not only allows you to check out the flash cards but also check and practice the spelling of the words once you hear them being pronounced. You can also take a test of your own; play scatter and also space race.
  4. FlashCard Machine: Flashcard Machine is an easy-to-use web-based program which allows the users to design flash cards and then study them easily and quickly. You can start by clicking on ‘registering here’ and enter all the required information about your details. Once you’ve successfully completed registering, you can then start designing Flashcards. You can then configure your study session as per your timing.
  5. BrainFlips: BrainFlips have a more colorful user-interface which is more apt for kids. You can view flashcards in Introduction, Response modes or Traditional modes. This entirely depends on whether or not you want to check out the terms for the first time or test yourself or review them. There is a scoreboard which keeps a close track on the time and the number of cards you got right or wrong. You can add images, text, audio, video to the cards.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is not aware of where to create flash cards, you can take into account the above mentioned easy-to-use tools for flashcard creation.