5 Common IT Concerns Among Small Business Owners

Small business owners often find it difficult to escape the thought of a major IT concern. Even if your technology is in good working order, you’re always on the edge of your seat. You’re always thinking about what could happen next.

Fortunately, even the most serious IT problems have a solution. This doesn’t mean that you want to face this trouble, but if you do there is no need to panic. Instead, you should review the problem, consider the best approach, and then follow through with the solution you decide on.

The best thing you can do is prevent an IT mishap before it plagues your business. To do so, you must first know what types of issues you could face in the future. Here are five common concerns that small business owners are always worrying about:

1. Employee mishap

Regardless of what you tell your employees, regardless of what type of policies you have in place, an employee could still make a mistake that leads to an IT problem.

For example, an employee could use a personal device to access your company’s network. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to that person, but it could result in a security breach.

2. Hackers

Year in and year out hackers wreak havoc on companies of all sizes spanning a variety of industries. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to put an end to all of these people. They are out there and they’ll do whatever it takes to cause trouble for others.

Even if you’re prepared, such as by using security and anti-virus software, a problem could still come to the forefront.

3. Malware

Avast defines malware as follows:

“Malware refers to any type of malicious software that tries to infect a computer or mobile device. Hackers use malware for any number of reasons such as, extracting personal information or passwords, stealing money, or preventing owners from accessing their device. You can protect yourself against malware by using anti-malware software.”

While you can protect your company in many ways, such as through the use of software, you can’t guarantee that malware will always remain on the “outside looking in.” For some business owners, this is enough to lead to many sleepless nights.

4. Data breach

Every year, you hear about some of the biggest companies in the world suffering a data breach. There is no denying the fact that hackers often target these companies because they have the most to gain by doing so. Even so, consider this: if a hacker can break down the doors of these big companies, don’t you think they could do the same to yours?

This is a common concern. It’s also one that you need to address before it becomes a problem for your business. Now’s the time to take preventative measures.

5. Phishing

Phishing remains a major problem, especially if your employees don’t know what it is. This is something we discuss in great detail on our website, such as this blog post that details some of the most common phishing scams.

For example, email messages from fake companies are a common form of phishing. All it takes is one employee to click on one bad link in order to cause you a major problem.


Small business owners find it difficult to escape the thought of an IT problem striking their company.

By becoming familiar with the most common concerns, such as those detailed above, you can take steps to prevent trouble in the future.