4 Essential Safety Products You Need in the Workplace

Putting safety first is crucial to running a successful working environment, and with a wide selection of safety equipment available across every industry, it can often be confusing as to what you need. After all, keeping your business and employees safe during the working day is a number one priority.

For that reason, we came up with a list of four of the most popular and important pieces of safety equipment that are essential must-haves in the workplace.

First aid kit

First on our list is a fundamental piece of safety equipment – the first aid kit. A critical part of every workplace, no matter if the job is hands-on, or simply an office environment, this handy item is crucial to looking after employees in the unfortunate event of an accident. However, for a kit to be effective, and more importantly adhere to the health and safety commission’s regulations, there are some key components that should always be there.

Number one is the basic plaster – in all sizes, waterproof, high visibility, and wear-resistant; this is integral for any working environment. Secondly should be adaptable bandages, dressings, sterile wipes, and microporus tape to help tend to wounds effectively. Other bonus items in the perfect first aid kit are eye patches, safety pins, and all-round scissors.

Protection and prevention should always be at the forefront of your mind, but for areas and situations where accidents may be likely, a first aid kit will always provide a trusty backup.

Fur-lined rigger boots

Perfect for outdoor working conditions and especially for dealing with heavy or dangerous objects, fur lined rigger boots are the ideal partner for your feet when you’re on a particularly tough job.

Some key features to look out for in a good quality rigger boot is a steel toe cap, to ensure ultimate protection from accidentally dropped items and toe-stubbing; second would be a lightweight protective steel midsole which keeps the rest of the foot safe; and a leather upper which can ensure extra strength and protection from the elements. A fur lining to ensure warmth, removable insoles, and shock-absorbent rubber outer soles all make for the ideal rigger boot.

Dust & mist respirator mask

A maintenance-free dust mask is perfect for jobs where hazardous chemicals and fine dust are present in the working environment, such as building sites or construction jobs, as well as industries like laboratories, pharmaceuticals, engineering, agriculture, and quarrying.

The best traits of an efficient respiration mask would be lightweight and comfortable protection firstly, and also a twin-strap design to help seal the nose and mouth. With a nose clip and convex shape an ideal mask would be able to also fit numerous face sizes without issue.

The classic lab coat

When it comes to prevention over cure, the lab coat is the quintessential item for a host of jobs. Ideal for the chemistry industry first and foremost, followed by a range of other sectors that commonly deal with inorganic chemicals, low concentrations of water-based chemicals, fire and heat damage, radioactive contamination, and type 5 and 6 protections.

Other key attributes to look for is resistance to low-level liquid aerosols and also to damage from sharp objects or abrasion with a tough exterior. The coat should always be comfortable to wear, especially for direct skin contact, as well as also being flexible, soft, and lightweight. Not to mention, one of the main requests when it comes to lab coats is that they are stylish!

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