3 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates Right Now

Higher conversion rates lead to higher bottom-line profits. If you’re having trouble turning browsers into buyers, there are steps you can take to boost conversion rates and earn more from your traffic.

Here are three ways you can improve your conversion rate right now.

1. Implement an Effective Sales Funnel

Are you asking potential customers to buy or sign-up too quickly? It’s important to remember that some of the people who land on your website may not be in the buying mindset just yet. They may just be browsing and contemplating their options.

If you have an expensive or complicated product, you need to slow down and take the time to nurture your leads. A proper sales funnel can help you build trust with potential clients and foster a fruitful relationship.

Let’s say you have a SaaS (software as a service) solution and you charge monthly for your product. That’s a major commitment for a buyer. Instead of slamming a sales page down their throats, you could take the long approach.

  • Offer potential customers valuable information and advice through videos, your blog, whitepapers and free reports.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the field.
  • Now, give them a compelling reason to subscribe to your email list (give them something valuable for free).
  • Drip content through email over time.
  • Send them your product sales copy and ask for a sale

Experts say you need to contact a prospective buyer at least 7 times before they’re ready to make a purchase from you. Be patient and ready for the long-haul. A well-crafted sales funnel will help drive more sales.

2. Give Buyers a Guarantee

Sometimes, the one thing holding back a sale is fear.

What if the product doesn’t work? I’ll be out of the money I spent.

Giving customers a guarantee of some kind will help alleviate this fear. If the product isn’t right for them, they can return it and get a refund – no questions asked.

If you’re providing a great product or service, you shouldn’t be concerned about returns. Typically, the increase in conversion rates more than makes up for any returns you may receive.

3. Foster Trust

Marketing guru Zig Ziglar says there are only five reasons people aren’t buying from you:

  • No money
  • No hurry
  • No desire
  • No need
  • No trust

Trust is absolutely essential when trying to make a sale. Think about it – would you buy a product from a company you didn’t trust?

You may not have much control over the first few factors, but you do have control over the last one: trust.

There are many ways to build trust, but you need to keep in mind that it will take some time to carry out your plan.

Showcase Testimonials and Media Mentions

One way to foster trust among potential customers is to showcase testimonials and media mentions that give your company some credibility. If customers can see that you’ve done a great job for other people and that you’ve been mentioned in the media, they will see that you’re not just a fly-by-night company.

Weekend Walls does this in a great way. The company offers peel and stick wood that looks like real reclaimed wood. On their “Be Inspired” page, they showcase all of the companies that use their products, and link up Instagram posts that feature their wall stickers.

When potential customers see that their products have been used by brands like Panera Bread and REI, they realize that this is a legitimate company that offers high quality products.

Building credibility is key, and testimonials and media mentions can help you achieve this.

Create a Professional Website

Think of your website as your digital storefront. What kind of impression do you want to give them when they come to your site? If you have an unprofessional-looking or an outdated website, visitors may just assume that you’re not serious about your business.

You have seconds to catch a visitor’s attention. If your website doesn’t look professional, they’ll quickly go to your competition and you’ll lose their trust.

Update Your Content Often

When was the last time you updated your blog? If potential customers see that you haven’t published a post in months, they may just assume that you’re not in business anymore.

Update your blog on a regular basis to show customers that you care about your company and are passionate about what you’re offering.