3 Ways Smoking is Killing Your Productivity and Business

Is there any relationship between smoking and low productivity? That’s a good question. What about smoking and deteriorating business?

If there is anything that the vast majority of smokers are good at it’s brushing off any claim on how smoking has negatively affected their lives. Hey, it’s called denial and you are not the only one with such a claim.

Numerous researches have been conducted to determine how smoking has affected productivity and businesses. It is with grief that I break the news to you that 75% of these researchers have indicated that smoking has impacted negatively on individual productivity. What I mean is; smokers were found to be less productive compared to the non-smokers. Heck yeah! I know the truth hurts but on the other hand “it’s only the truth that shall set you free”. How does smoking kill my productivity and business? Everything seems to be running smoothly on my end. You must be thinking loud.

Here is the evidence that will make you transition from denial to “I need to quit smoking. Now!”

1. Smoke Breaks

Everyone needs a break. They even have PE lessons back at schools. It’s a fact that the brain requires a break and time to relax: time free from books, free from the hectic work at the office… That’s why they have these breaks in institutions, NGOs and virtually any place of work. These breaks are mandatory and in fact, helps increase the employee’s productivity.

The question is: if these breaks are that much recommended why should smoke breaks lender an individual less productive and have a negative effect on the business? What do non-smokers do during these breaks? While you are in the smoke room your counterparts are having a chat with fellow colleagues. But. How is having an ordinary conversation with colleagues during breaks better than spending the time taking a smoke?

As much as it sounds lame, research has it that this break helps employees interact and get to exchange ideas. It’s ideas that enable them to increase their productivity. How? You are a sales agent, during these breaks you interact with another colleague who shares with you how they handle their customers and maintain a healthy relationship. Hey, isn’t that information helpful? Won’t you use that information to improve your sales? As a smoker, you use these breaks to grab a smoke. It’s totally legal, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have that smokehouse. But as far as productivity is concerned you have not gained anything.

And. How many smoke breaks do you need to keep your nerves calm and reduce anxiety? If you work at an agency and need at least 10 smoke breaks during your work time. Wouldn’t that mean you will have to leave some clients unattended to grab a smoke? It’s logical to conclude that you shall deal with fewer clients compared to your non-smoking counterpart. Hey, has that not affected your productivity and the business in general?

2. Health Issue

This isn’t a new topic, is it? Search on the internet “effects of smoking”. You will be surprised how many blogs have been written on the health effects of smoking. Ranging from academic blogs, health blogs, government blogs… Virtually almost every independent and state-owned corporation are writing about the health effects of smoking.

I know you must be wondering: How do the health effects of smoking affect my productivity and business? Isn’t the answer to that question too obvious? If you are unhealthy, you can’t perform to your level best. In some severe cases, this would mean not working at all. With either: cancer, asthma, diabetes… Do you think you shall be productive at work?

This would mean days of absenteeism at work to go for medical checkups. Hey, isn’t that a loss to the business and a great dent to your productivity as an individual? Who will attend to the clients at work? And. Couldn’t this have been avoided if you took an e-cigarette instead? That is with less amount of nicotine. It reduces chances of getting diabetes, asthma, cancer… and saves time at work with no need to take out the pack of cig or lighter. Hey, nothing can go wrong with this.

3. Poor Finance Management

How much profit do you make on monthly basis in your business? Hey, I understand that majority of people like to keep their earnings a secret. But, that said. As a smoker; have you ever estimated the amount of money you take off your business to buy cigarettes? I understand the figure on a day basis is nothing to have you worry about.

The impact and the sense of these arguments are seen when you calculate the amount used to buy cigarettes on a monthly and yearly basis. Research has it that an average smoker use approximately $3000 on smoking. Heck yeah, this is the amount you spend on smoking in a year. Couldn’t you have reinvested this money in your business? And am I wrong to say that smoking has killed your productivity and business?


It’s high time we all get off from the cocoon of denial and accept the fact that smoking is really affecting our productivity and business. We are living in a very competitive world and we can’t afford giving anything less than 100% in our day to day tasks.

Of course, I understand. We can’t discriminate the smokers. They are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers… What I am driving at is that, no, matter how much we would want them to stop smoking everything should be done with care and moderation.

As a smoker, you need to accept the fact that “smoking is ruining your productivity”. It’s only with acceptance shall you be ready to make the change. Hey, I know it’s hard. You don’t just wake up one morning and say “I have quit smoking”. It’s a transition and a process but with determination it’s possible. This determination will lead you to greater heights as you shall increase your productivity as an individual and improve your business. It’s never late to make the change.