3 Challenges for Amazon FBA Sellers in China

Amazon is a growing hub of sellers and many of them are making a good profit through the Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA model. This interesting platform attracts sellers all over the world and one particular country is ruling the roost when it comes to selling. China has many sellers that use FBA but some issues are proving to be major roadblocks when it comes to selling. If you too are a seller from China then you need to know about the three main challenges for Amazon that you might face in the long run. This way you will be more educated about the whole process because knowing all the risks will make you sell better and earn more profits.

1. The Product Quality

The product that you are selling needs to have an excellent quality because selling a poor quality product will only give you bad reviews. Sometimes the seller directly sends the manufactured product without checking the condition or quality. This can be fatal if your manufacturer is not careful and produces inferior quality products. If the manufactured goods don’t even meet the required standards, the buyer is not going to leave good reviews and this will affect your reputation in a negative way.

The other problem regarding the quality of the product is the damage sustained during transportation. Poor packaging and rough handling can damage the product en route—even if the manufactured quality was above exemplary. This happens more often than you might think and therefore you need to ensure that the handling and transportation of your goods are both proper and smooth. Take extra care while shipping your product by using the proper labels, packaging and communicating properly with the person responsible for the transportation. If you are new to this then contact leelinesourcing amazon fba sourcing service in china because buyer’s satisfaction is important.

2. Use the Proper Labels

Improper labeling is yet another mistake that many inexperienced sellers in China can make. The FBA vendors will need to use a UPC code that is unique in addition to the Amazon labeling. This however is not known to many sellers and they end up not following the proper labeling process.

Packaging too is a concern when it comes to labeling because weak packaging can wreck your product before it reaches the customer. Inappropriate packing, i.e. using a big carton for a small product is also something that you need to take care of. There are specific packaging requirements for different products like jewellery and other things. Therefore be careful while choosing the right kind of packaging along with the correct labeling and when in doubt, do not hesitate to consult an expert to help you out.

3. Using the Wrong Provider for Logistics

When you use the wrong service for logistics, you encounter the following problems:

  • Unclear information from the provider that leads to major delays in deliveries.
  • The custom duty fees are usually high and impact your earnings.
  • There are shipping problems and some of your products that are labeled sensitive like sharp items and batteries can be refused by shippers.

The problems above will lead to customer dissatisfaction and you will have to bear additional costs to get the product replaced. If you get bad reviews, your sales will go down. Also, if your defective product rate is more than one percent, Amazon will suspend your account.

A small company is unable to sustain heavy losses if they face the challenges mentioned above and therefore sourcing out a third party is a good idea if you too want to increase buyer satisfaction. Amazon FBA is an amazing platform to earn profits as a seller in China; you want to deliver the best product to your buyers that are present all over the world. Therefore, minimize the risks and see your profits rise!