Apple’s September 7th Event – What to Expect From The iPhone 7

  • Cupertino based tech giant, Apple is all set to hold its latest media event on 7 September. “See you on the 7th,” Apple said in the invitation for the event.
  • The company has started sending out invites for the upcoming event at Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco where its expected to unveil its new flagship iPhone 7, MacBook Pros and the Apple Watch 2.
  • Rumours and leaks of the new generation iPhone have been hogging the headlines for a while. The device is expected to feature a very similar design to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, with only minor visual differences such as fewer antenna lines and a major change in the form of the removal of its headphone jack.
  • However, the new model could be water proof, and come to the market with a dual camera system and A10 processors. Reports also suggest that Apple has plans of doing away with the 16GB entry model, skipping directly to the 32GB one instead.

Prepare for your timelines to be taken over by Apple iPhone fanatics. It is that time of the year when fan-boys and fan-girls are out in droves to salivate over each and every word that comes out of Cupertino phone sweetheart, Apple.

The next version of the iPhone will launch on 7 September in San Francisco. While it means the world for Tim Cook and his sous chefs, we aren’t as excited. Of course, a brand new iPhone is important for Apple, considering its lacklustre sales performance and dwindling market share over the last three quarters.

But if the rumours are any indication, Apple doesn’t really have any disruptive tricks up its sleeve. I know you might think it is too early to call, but the rumour mill has gotten so robust that anyone with a keen eye and Google search can piece together the new iPhone before its launch.

Here are the biggest rumours and features that are most likely to be unveiled in the new iPhone 7.


1. No Big Design Change

Underwhelming but expected. Apple iPhone had a big design shift in 2014 when the phone maker went from 4 inches to two models, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Apple will retain the screen sizes and overall hardware design this year.

Minor but impactful changes this year include relocation of the plastic antenna strip, new colours, a revamp of the home button, and a larger camera housing.

2. Honey I Bumped Up The Camera

iPhone 7’s only marquee feature could very well be the new and improved camera. While we don’t expect a bump up in resolution, the camera sensor size and lens elements could both get a decent upgrade.

Rumour has it that the 4.7-inch model will have a visibly bigger camera bump while the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 will get a dual lens camera setup for the first time ever.

Apple might finally do away with the 16GB base storage model and make the 32 GB version. It could also debut a crazy 256 GB model.

All in all, the iPhone 7/7Plus could be a regular release without any ‘blow your socks off’ features. And yet, it will still be called the ‘Best iPhone Ever’ and will sell in the millions, with thousands lining up outside stores to get their hands on it ‘first’. I am sitting this one out if the rumours are any indication of what the actual phone might be.