Leverage Instagram to Fuel Brand Promotion: A Quick Book


Instagram, a product from Facebook was launched in October 2010. No one had ever imagined that a photo sharing platform one day would turn into a prime destination for marketers to promote brands.

With massive 400 million monthly active users, 3.5+ billion likes daily, and over 80 million average photos per day, Instagram has created a profound impact globally. Due to such popularity, companies have started to rely on this platform for their brand promotion.

If you too want to leverage this fantastic platform and need help to get off to a good start, then surely you are at the right place to get all the crucial information you want.

Just read this blog to understand how you can promote your brand on Instagram.

Think Creative | Plan Creative: To Get Off To a Flying Start

You can sense the level of competition with the way companies is breaking their back to make their marketing campaigns impactful. In today’s online competitive space, the brand promotion has become an uphill task for companies to perform. So, you have to think creatively and plan accordingly before you start your marketing campaign.

For getting off to a flying start, you need to:

  • Research about your competitors and other leading brands on Instagram – it will make you aware the way they perform their marketing activities.

  • Start exploring Instagram to see how you can use this platform for your brand.

These activities will encourage and give you deep insights to make most out of this platform.

Once you’re done with these two crucial tasks, then it’s time to build your own Instagram strategy. Identify you goals that may include boosting sales, spreading brand awareness, improving organic traffic, and others to draft your plan accordingly.

While creating a strategy for Instagram, you have to make sure that your goals should be achievable and measurable. Therefore, doing spadework is inevitable so that you could focus on the things that matter the most to your business. Plan your future posts, its frequency, and create a content calendar accordingly so that you could be more prepared and confident while executing your marketing campaign.

Set Up Your Account

Let’s check out the things that you need to do while creating your Instagram profile.

  • Complete all crucial information related to your profile.

  • Upload a suitable profile pic (probably a logo image) that portrays your brand.

  • Provide website URL.

  • With 150 characters limit, add an appealing bio for your brand to explain about your business.

  • Set notification settings for your likes, comments, follower requests, direct requests, reminders, and most importantly product announcements.

  • As per your preference, you can link your Instagram account to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Swarm, Tumblr, Flickr, VKontakte, and Ameba.

The success of marketing hinges on the links and contacts you made. Therefore, asking existing clients to follow would be an excellent way to mark a good presence on this platform.

Develop Content Strategy to Spellbind Follower

Content plays an active role in receiving good engagement rate. Instagram entirely focuses on interactive content like videos and pictures which enable marketers to draw massive engagement for their posts.

So, once you get over with setting up of your Instagram account, it’s time to develop a solid content strategy. While developing content strategy, you can focus on:

  • The kind of posts you want to publish (pick a theme to grab attention)

  • The volume of content and ratio

  • Find the most appropriate hashtags to make your content trending

  • Creating a flexible content calendar

  • Content posting as per users’ intent

Once you create a content strategy, you can start publishing your posts as per your content calendar. For improving engagement rate use relevant hashtags, add catchy lines for captions and photo map while traveling for a meeting or attending any business event.

Target Influencers to Boost Outreach

If you want to boost your outreach, then you have to start following influencer of your industry or business realm. These influencers have a massive fan following in the market. So, publish meaningful posts and target influencer with ‘@’. Let experts talk about your brand; it will help you draw the massive attention of the crowd that follows your influencer.

Further, it will help you to keep up with the ongoing market trends and bustles that further can prove beneficial for your brand and allow you to target your audience more effectively.

Share on Different Social Media Platforms

As mentioned above, Instagram provides account linking feature that you can use to post your content in real-time on a different platform. Well, it’s all about competition and taking it lightly could prove costly for your business. So, link your different accounts to make the most of this powerful platform.

Target Special Events

Companies don’t want to leave a stone unturned when it comes to promoting brands in an impactful manner. Constantly, they break their backs to lead the competition at any cost. So, the time has come to target special events so that you could grab maximum exposure for your brand.

However, a bitter reality is every company aims to corner the market, but only a few succeeds. You know the reason, why? Let me explain, the companies who put the finger in every pie are more likely to create a win-win situation for their business than those who afraid of trying different things. Creative thinking and choosing a less-travelled path help companies to taste the success.

If you think creatively and execute wisely, then undoubtedly, the race is yours. Start targeting special events like Christmas, New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, FIFA World Cup, and several others. It is a kind of real-time marketing and the companies who tried it witnessed tremendous brand exposure by attaining high engagement rates.

So, don’t create a situation of doom and gloom, start targeting special events as soon as you can.

Showcase Milestones & Achievements

To remain as a unique entity in the eyes of your fans, followers, and customers, never forget to inform them about the milestones and achievements. You can give them credit or say thanks by posting a picture of your feats like 10,000 followers in six months, special thanks, or won any award. Share the pleasure of your success with your followers; it will strengthen your relationship with your fans and followers.

Monitor Responses & Engagement Rate: Instagram Analytics

Iterations in marketing encourage improvement, and you could improve only when you monitor responses and engagement rate for your posts. You can rely on Instagram analytics for getting crucial insights for your marketing campaign so that you could know the areas to improve. With the aid of this analytics, you would be able to take the critical decisions and provide essential tweaks to your marketing campaign to make it more impactful.

Wrapping Up

Companies who are promoting their brands on Instagram are gaining tremendous engagement rate. However, there is a shortage of companies who are not aware of the power of Instagram. Consequently, by overlooking this platform, they are missing out its outstanding business benefits. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Don’t forget to share your views.

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