How an Enterprise App Can Benefit Your Business

With around a third of the world using smartphones and other smart devices such as tablets and wearables, these devices have definitely become a crucial part of everyday life. With over two and a half billion people predicted to be using smartphones in the next two years, we are definitely in the digital era where a mobile app is often vital to businesses in order to allow their employees to connect and carry out tasks. According to statistics, there are currently over a billion mobile workers, making up around a third of the world’s global workforce – and the figure is growing at a rapid rate. So, what could an enterprise mobile app do for your business?

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In order to work well as both individuals and a team, business employees should maintain a healthy, professional relationship and communicate well with each other. Many developers will develop applications designed for communication within the workplace, which not only enables employees to stay up to date with each other and their tasks, but can also strengthen relationships between members of your team and lead to a better workplace morale and environment.

Improve Problem Solving

Enterprise apps can be developed to cover a huge range of business processes, and one of their main benefits is that they are designed to make completing tasks and solving problems a quicker and easier process. Getting stuck in the middle of completing a task or solving a particular problem can slow employees down and affect the regular completion of tasks, therefore having an enterprise app on hand will allow employees to access the best solutions as quickly as possible.

Working Offline

Many enterprise applications for smartphone will allow you and your employees to collect and access data whilst you are offline. Mobile applications can dramatically synchronise data in the background and store it on the device itself, allowing users to access data within the app even if they do not have connectivity. This is a great solution for industries who employ field workers who many not always be able to get a 4G signal or Wi-Fi on their smartphone whilst working.

Boost Productivity

According to research, using a mobile enterprise app for your business can boost employee productivity by over 30%. Providing an easier way of communication with employees, simple collaboration on tasks and projects, problem solving solutions and the ability to access important data even whilst offline can certainly make work easier for many employees, leading to increased motivation and better results. The time-saving benefits of enterprise mobile apps means that companies which use them can often benefit from over 200 extra hours worked by employees who use an app as opposed to those who do not. According to surveys, over 50% of employees who use an enterprise app or apps for work report that it helps them to do their job better.

With over 75% of Fortune 500 companies using or planning to use an enterprise app in the near future, can your business afford to lose out?