Introducing ‘Olli,’ the IoT Electric Bus Powered by IBM Watson

IBM has partnered with Local Motors to create ‘Olli’, an electric bus that relies solely on the Internet of Things (IoT) to run. This self-driving vehicle, which can be used either as a bus or a pod, is powered by IBM supercomputer Watson’s IoT for automotives.

With global pollution levels reaching an all-time high, it’s time the industry took the onus upon itself to revolutionise automotive technology.

It’s good to see that technology giants like IBM are putting their best foot forward and using future tech to find solutions that can be implemented later.

Features of the Olli. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube/IBM)

According to IBM, Olli is capable of transporting a maximum of 12 passengers. They plan to use IoT to improve passenger experience.

Olli by Local Motors. (Photo Courtesy: IBM)

Inside Olli. (Photo Courtesy: IBM)

IBM said that Olli will be used on public roads in Washington DC, and in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas late in 2016.