Xiaomi Ahead of GoPro in Drones

Xiaomi is all set to launch its first-ever drone in China on 25 May. If and when launched, we more or less expect it to be one of the cheapest drones available in the market.

The company has teased the product over at its consumer forum, which clearly highlights the drone having a camera fixed on its front.

A look at Xiaomi’s upcoming drone. (Photo: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi is known for offering its products at an affordable price point. The company had launched its own version of a Segway called the NineBot Mini priced at around $315 earlier this year. They also have one of the cheapest 4K-enabled TVs selling in the market right now.

The likes of GoPro were also in the line to launch their drone, called Karma – that’s been delayed, but should be unveiled later this year.

Xiaomi has already challenged GoPro with its 4K action camera Yi 2, now beating them to the drone market could make the spec and price wars between the two rivals interesting for consumers.