Why TrueCoin Is the Stablecoin to Watch in 2018

Tether was one of the most prominent stablecoins in 2018, but it faltered due to bad practices. Tether is not trusted in the industry because for a time they stopped allowing withdrawals, ceased reporting clear audits of assets and have occasionally failed to maintain enough collateral. Simply put, stablecoins are only successful in the long term if they can maintain a strong level of trust as a regulated asset.

How JoyToken Plans to Restore Order in the Online Gaming World

JoyToken has developed an enterprise-grade, infrastructure protocol designed specifically to address many of these problems rampant throughout the gaming community. They are committed to creating a thriving ‘casino-game’ ecosystem that empowers creative game devs, of all sizes, easy access to operators and clients.

How ODEM Plans to Democratize Education

ODEM, an emerging startup, plans to leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology to solve for many of these fundamental issues within the education space. Specifically, their platform, powered by the blockchain, “allows qualified and trusted members of the education