WPSOLR – WordPress Search Plugin for Elasticsearch

WordPress is the most powerful piece of software because it powers millions of websites with its great search feature. ElasticSearch is one of the flexible distributed and real-time search engines. Of course, it allows you to receive ultimate benefits; especially you can send the data into it even it is also available for search quickly. This solution is highly optimized for its job. ElasticSearch comes with a REST API this supports you easily query search even you can also play its testing and development.

A plugin is a powerful tool that integrates WordPress with Elasticsearch. It supports for super fast full-text search, in addition to this plugin will speed up post listings including WooCommerce products. However, the plugin also works by indexing all posts, redirecting the requests as well as post Metadata by WordPress from MySQL to Elasticsearch. Apart from that, the plugin also requires installing Elasticsearch on a remote server or the local server. In general, Word Press Search with Elasticsearch is a plugin designed to bring some effective changes and it also adds a powerful search engine to the WordPress website.

Now you can simply install the plugin with a few clicks then your content set up to work with Elasticsearch

Wpsolr Benefits:

  • Robust and the most effective search algorithms powered by Elasticsearch
  • Index posts from a settings page
  • Quick indexing
  • Lightning-fast performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Front-end search replaced by the simple widget
  • Mobile-friendly search page

WPSOLR is the most powerful and effective plugin for big websites. The main purpose of this plugin is to optimize the speed of a search query. Overall, it is the essential option for your wordpress site. Now it can be designed and utilized for WordPress or Woocommerce sites, even the uniqueness of this plugin is helping to run a big number of products and pages.

Why Wpsolr?

Usually, WordPress website designed with a million pages as well as a million products so it is better to choose WPSolr for the website that allows the website to run amazingly fast. In addition to this, WPSolr also designed with unique features especially the sorting functionality is implemented, overall it is also configured in the admin panel with ease. On the other hand, it is easy to style even it works with AJAX so you no need to experience any complications. It is the most compatible plugin and works with TablePress, bbPress, PDF Embedder, Woocommerce, Polylang, Google doc Embedder etc. Overall, it support for of all WordPress projects at the same time replaces the WordPress search with a faster search so you no need to experience a headache.

WPSolr available with super Search Engine Optimization functionality and it help to solve all the technical problems with ease. Apart from that, these kinds of plug-in also help to avoid duplicate content with search results. In addition to this WPSolr solves everything so it is really powerful than other options.Massive SEO infrastructure also designed specifically to make and ensure the search result crawling for Google.

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