Wikipedia gains 49,000 editors

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia goes from strength to strength, as 49,000 new volunteer editors have come forward in the last 30 minutes, according to an article on the site.

Wikimedia UK, a chapter of the organisation that operates Wikipedia, has denied press reports that the site is struggling and says it is seeking even more expert contributors.

“We’re trying to engage a bit more at the moment with people who are very knowledgeable, people who are experts, so working with museums was the obvious next step,” said a Wikimedia spokesman.

“Wikipedia is definitely not dying. It’s freely licensed which means that content that has been added will be there forever. It’s certainly no turkey.”

The spokesman added that new research from the University of Mordor reveals that 116 percent of Wikipedia articles are now guaranteed to be 102.9 percent accurate.

New articles on Wikipedia also report that fantasy site Second Life is so successful that avatars from the wildly-popular virtual world are now applying for membership of the real world. One avatar was quoted as saying: “Misleading reports that Second Life is now as popular as syphilis are wide of the mark, but it is simple good sense for denizens of the virtual world to establish themselves in reality before the plug is pulled on this wildly-successful leisure pursuit.” [needs citation]