Why is Website Security Important For Every Business

Website security is an integral part of the overall security for a business. Not just for large brands, the security of a website should be of concern for small businesses as well.

Major Reasons You Should Opt For Security

Most of the hackers use automated software to hack a website. Hence, if your website is hacked, it can cause:

  • Serious damage to the reputation of your business and sales.
  • Hackers can steal sensitive data like the user id and passwords of your customers.
  • They might install malware to the computers of users who are visiting your website.
  • Distribute malware to your users
  • Your access to your own website might get blocked to be regained after you pay a hefty ransomware.

All the reasons given above might sound that they can’t happen to your business. Always remember, ignorance and negligence are the biggest enemies of any business.

How to Make Your Website Secure?

Follow the below steps in order to secure your website from hackers and cyber criminals:

  • Opt for HTTPS and secure your website with SSL security. Many webmasters think that SSL is required only for websites that handle sensitive user data like those handled by ecommerce websites but in reality all websites should have a CDN implemented alongside a SSL/TLS connection because it adds an extra layer of security and encrypts all the user data. If you are looking for more benefits then review this tutorial that discusses the top SSL benefits.
  • Use strong passwords for server admin. Ensure your password has 12 characters minimum and includes numbers, symbols, capital letters and lower letters. Do not use common words as best passwords should be random.
  • Always give meaningful names to your file and folder and do not share permissions with everyone.
  • Always use updated software like if you are hosting your website on WordPress then use the latest version of your software. WP Updates notifier is an awesome plugin because it emails you everytime any core update is available. Moreover, read this guide to enhance the security of your WordPress site.
  • Always follow the principle of hosting a single site in one container. If you keep 3-4 sites in one container and one of your sites get infected then all the sites kept in the container will share the risk of getting infected.
  • Conduct a log file analysis and identify if there are any suspicious crawlers crawling your website.
  • Have proper backups because if any of your website gets infected then you should be free to remove all the files having the infection and place the backup files.

Proper website security should be a priority for any business. Follow the above guidelines shared in this article and take every step to maintain your security.