Where to turn if you’ve been scammed online

The internet has been revolutionary to how we live. In less than 20 years it has changed almost every aspect of our lives, from being able to communicate instantly around the world to ordering your weekly groceries online. There is no doubt that the invention of the internet has been positive, bringing a greater power to the individual than ever before. The problem is that, as the old adage goes: with great power, comes great responsibility – and those that want to harness the power of the internet without taking any responsibility for their actions are able to.

It is in this vacuum between power and responsibility that online fraud has fostered and evolved. The sophistication of the scam mirrors the sophistication of the internet itself – from Nigerian Princes with nowhere to put their gold, to what is the most sophisticated online scam out there today: unregulated binary options trading. The binary options trading scam is so successful and so prevalent that many of the victims, still to this day, do not realize that they have been scammed.

The first step is to find out the truth. As with the internet generally, the more advanced the system is, the more convincing and successful the online scams have become. The nature of this scam, however makes it incredibly hard for people to see the truth; a digital trading platform can be manipulated from within to show you false information and make it look like the trades are profitable. There are experts you can contact to find out if your money is safe, if it’s not, these same people can actually help you in getting your money back.

Binary options scam – You are not the only one

Some European countries have reported that binary options fraud complaints now account for 25% of all the fraud complaints received. What makes online binary scams so attractive to the scammer is a combination of two things: the potential profit and the risk of being caught. With the binary options trading scam for example, there is no international legal or regulatory body that one can turn to. The steps to take in order to get your money back change from company to company and country to country. Hypothetically, going it alone is preferable, but due to the nature of the scam, this can prove to be impossible if you do not know exactly where to look.

Assuming that you do find out the inner corporate workings of the company that scammed you, you now need to take legal action in that country. Again, someone trying to get their money back from a binary options scam and knowing these details will still find it hard without legal representation.

Veronica Birman Law Firm

It is in this space that law firms like Israeli owned Birman Law is able to offer a solution to victims of binary options fraud. The majority of unregulated binary options companies are at least partly operated from within Israel, making the start-up nation the go-to place for litigation against the biggest online scam of the 20th century. Having already returned more than 4 million USD back to victims, Birman Law is continuing in the fight against the unregulated binary options industry.

Veronica Birman is on a mission to right the wrongs of her fellow Israelis, she is ashamed of what they have done and the reputation that they have given Israel from being the start-up nation to being the global nebulae of binary options and Forex fraud.

In some cases, the steps to take once you’ve been scammed may be to go it alone. Supposing you have the expertise and knowledge of the industry, it is certainly possible to succeed without hiring a lawyer or a private investigator. Our advice however is, even in these rare circumstances, it is still worthwhile consulting with a legal team such as Birman Law. This one-time consultation can save you countless hours and dollars going forward.