What are the Different Kinds of Shoes for Women

In today’s day and age, we all are running behind fashion and shoes are of paramount importance in this scenario. Shoes reflect what your personality is all about, especially if you are a men. However, it plays an equally important role with women as well.

This is why fashion industry has come up with innumerable ideas to craft shoes for women. We now have a variety to choose. From the best Crossfit shoes for women to flip-flops, the list is never ending. Nevertheless, here are some kinds of shoes every women must have in their wardrobe:

Flat sandals

These are the essentials every women must possess. Flat sandals are handy during casual days when a women needs to relax on the beach or just head towards the restaurant for an informal brunch. They do not only provide comfort but even looks good on a number of outfits.


Sneakers are one of the most popular trends that fashion industry has come across. From offering comfort to appealing look, they remain consistent with every kind of outfit. All you have to put on the pair of converse sneakers, tie your hair in a messy bun, carry a fashionable bag and enjoy the day.


Shoes like gladiator flats add a lot of glamor and drama to a woman’s look. It even looks better on if you have put on a mini-skirt or shorts since it adds an illusion of covered legs. Wearing tan brown gladiators along with denim shorts is the latest trend now.


Boots are a must-possession if you live in a cold region. They literally look good with every outfit and are really comfortable keeping you warm. Boots are further divided into several categories ranging from combat ones to leather kinds.


Pumps are the most common type of shoes for parties. No other shoes are as perpetual as these classic pumps with never lacks sophistication. They work with almost every outfit. If you want to look more fashionable, then make sure your belt matches the color of your shoes.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the perfect combination of comfort and chic style. These can be worn during work days as well as during parties. Colors and textures can be added to make your complete outfit compliment with the shoes.

Wedged heels

A pair of wedged heels is the latest trend now. Since heels traditionally were uncomfortable for most of the women, wedges add to your height eliminating all the discomfort. It can be worn during work as well as during casual outings since the look offers versatility.


In this consumerist era, there are hundreds of kinds of shoes. The fashion industry is even developing at a faster pace. If you are a kind of women who likes to wear different shoes at different places, then the types above are the right choice. Make sure you have them in your shoe rack.