What are the advantages of using WiFi?

The time has come so far that we use LAN (Local Area Network) technology as a medium to share resources. However there is a wide debate whether we should go for wired or wireless networks.

More and more companies are now utilizing wireless rather than wired technology due to the numerous benefits it offers. Here are some of the benefits that wireless networking provides to it users:

Increased mobility

This is by far the most appealing feature of WiFi’s. Not only for individuals but businesses also consider it as the biggest attraction. Advancement in the wireless technology has eliminated the hassles associated with wires. It is much more convenient to use Wifi over wired networks. It enables businesses to hold long distance conferences. In a nutshell, it has enhanced mobility.

More productivity

This is the byproduct of increased mobility, that it promotes productivity. It has allowed business employees to collaborate with each other without meeting in person. It brings in more efficiency to the working process. Since they can focus more on their core tasks, they tend to perform better and more productively.

Cost effective

Wi-Fi is cost effective. Having a hard wired network can be costly compared to wireless networks. The larger the network, more money it requires for installation and maintenance. It is not only the amount of cabling but the labor who will install the wires.

Once a wireless network is installed, there are no additional costs associated with it. The maintenance costs are low as well.

Guest use

Having a wireless network means that you can provide a secure network to your guests as well. Many businesses use WiFi for events as well allowing guests to access the network. Customers and suppliers can use the Internet, which further adds more professionalism to the business.


This is one of the most important benefits wireless networks have to offer. If there is a wired network setup, you need to add additional cabling when expanding which can be a costly process. There is no such concern associated with wireless networks. If you want to add more users, all you have to issue a new password and make updates to the server. It is pretty fast and convenient. It is not only convenient, but there is rarely any need for an additional expenditure.

Health and safety

There are rarely any incidents reported of people getting injured by tripping over wires that wired connectivity requires, but still there is a minimal chance. When it comes to wireless networks, you can avoid any accidents that can be detrimental to personal health and safety.


Here were some benefits of wireless networks. Since there is a radical advancement in the field of wireless technology, we are enhancing the notions of security and productivity. There are some drawbacks but the advantages clearly overweight them. In order to reap the benefits of this technology, then make sure you choose the best Wifi in the market.