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The internet is an infinite space with unlimited options to explore through entertainment and information. The convenience of access to this unlimitless supply of knowledge has made everyone an addict; be it young ones or adults. Even the toddlers are hooked to the internet and can be kept busy for hours with this smart technology.

The Online World

The use of latest technologies has become essential in the contemporary world. Gadgets and the internet have now become a crucial part of life. Their application is in every field of life be it education, research, skill developing, or entertainment. It is a super house of information and at the same time the cheapest source of entertainment.

In the modern era, the implication of online tools has affected people of all age groups, especially the younger which is getting impacted at the most rapid rates. Busy mothers with lots of household work and responsibilities find online entertainment sources as a babysitter for their young babies and toddlers. Elementary grade kids too are in dire need of online tools for completing their assignments. Even the schools are using smart classrooms to increase the exposure of students, all the research works are carried out online.

The Impacts of Online Tools

The increased use of online tools and free access to internet seems helpful but it is actually a threat. No one is safe online and is vulnerable to multiple risks. When it comes to children the problems of online safety even turns multifold. The young souls are not capable of understanding a threat and are unaware of the dangers of the world. With the increasing exposure of the children to the online world, the responsibility of the parents and guardian also upsurges. They have to take proper measures to ensure the kids’ online safety.

The children are vulnerable to a number of threats online. These threats include:

  • Exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Cyberbullying.
  • Sex content leading to sex crimes even in teens.
  • Presence of online predators.
  • Inappropriate contact or conduct.

Parental Measures for Kids Online Safety

Kids safety is one of the prime and crucial responsibilities of parents be it in the physical world or cyberspace. Before giving online access to their kids, parents should take proper precautionary measures to ensure their online security. Supervising the screen time manually is not possible for most of the parents so with the advancement in the word of technology a lot of online tools are also designed which assist parents in controlling online activities of their children. You can use these internet safety tips to minimize the online privacy and security threats for kids:

Install Parenting Control Apps

Parenting control apps are widely available online. These apps enable you to restrict the online access of your child on a particular device. They also keep you updated about your child`s online activities and you can supervise them remotely.

Turn On Restricted Mode

Most of the apps come with the option of restricted mode. By turning on this mode you can protect your kids from unintentional or accidental exposure to inappropriate content.

Social Media Privacy

Once your kids are old enough to set up their own social media accounts, educate them about the privacy policy of different social media apps. Make them bound to keep their personal information private so that it stays safe from any unauthorized use.

Web Browsers and Search Engines

All web browsers and search engines are not safe for the kids. Install kids friendly web browsers and search engines so that they can securely browse their desired information.


Opening or downloading a wrong file can bug your system. To keep your data intact install authentic anti-virus software on your device.

Check Online Activity

Keep a regular check on the online activities of your child and check their activity log daily. Keep a track of their logging in and signing out from different apps and stay vigilant.

VPN as a Tool of Online Safety

VPN is a very beneficial service when it comes to online safety. VPN aka Virtual Private Network is a secure way of browsing data on the internet. It works as the third party between you and the host sites and regulates all your online activities. It encrypts all your data and protects it from any theft or maltreatment.

VPN service provider allots a separate IP which allows you to surf the internet anonymously. It ensures your online privacy and inhibits any attempt of tracking your personal information. It protects the data saved in your phones, like the photos, as well as the online data, like your passwords and other private information.

Though VPN protects your kids from predators and keeps their location and personal info intact, it does not ensure complete online safety of kids. It does not restrict the accessible data on the internet nor do it inhibit any online activity automatically. But most trusted VPNs like the PureVPN gives you an access to parental control tools and you can restrict data access by setting your preferences. You have to practice other safety tips along with VPN services especially for very young children to confirm their online security.

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None of the above-mentioned tools can guarantee the online safety of your kids in the cyber world. You have to educate your kids about the secure utilization of this facility as well as keep a strict yet friendly check on their activities. Nothing can replace parental supervision but these tools assist you in your efforts of providing a secured and safe digital world to your children.