World’s Largest Free Marijuana Network Leafedin Leads 2018 as Top Disruptive Cannabis Technology Company.

Leafedin, which can be visited at, was launched to immediate success two years ago as the first ever free anonymous global networking platform for the cannabis community, and has now grown into the largest marijuana social and industrial networking platform in the world. Think of Facebook that is specifically crafted for every member of the marijuana community mixed with the networking functionality and benefit of Craigslist; that is just one way to look at one small piece of Leafedin. It serves as a central platform where every cannabis user can meet and find marijuana vendors and distributors. Moreover, it’s where employers and weed growers can locate and hire skilled workers who are looking to work in the marijuana industry.

While there is an increase in the number of states that have legalized cannabis, its restrictions or lack thereof in terms of its distribution left vendors and distributors a lot hesitant in opening their businesses to the general public.

With this, it can be hard for users to gain access to marijuana products, thus, the rise of online platforms to find weed and locate local vendors and distributors. However, not having a central system that caters to every member of the marijuana industry still leaves others without options, such as owners seeking to employ skilled workers in the marijuana industry. Most cannabis job sites are not particularly keen on listing job descriptions such as marijuana trimmers and extractors.

But there is a recent stir in the cannabis industry, providing a positive output for all members of the community.

Making of a Networking App

Most of the existing tools and programs used in the marijuana industry are mainly focused on connecting business to other businesses such as connecting buyers to vendors and usually, huge businesses. Furthermore, they do not truly outlet the needs of the majority of vendors or the marijuana community, rather they are focused only on the dispensary model. The foundation of Leafedin is to provide a networking solution that can cater to everyone, even the local mom and pop’s shops or localized brands, such as exotic carts oil cartridges.

The founder of this new marijuana tech app says that this map-based app’s main focus is to connect individuals to others directly, without having to facilitate any kind of transaction or take any kind of fees from such.

How Is Leafedin Different from Others?

What makes Leafedin different from the other existing services and map-based applications that allow marijuana users and buyers to find the perfect product available at a dispensary?

Leafedin is not only about giving buyers an easy fast way to find the perfect strain available for them, satisfying the constant query from cannabis consumers where can I get weed near me? This marijuana networking platform can do so much more by expanding the cannabis network of every member of the community from individuals to consumers, vendors, and distributors, no matter what the size.

The app is designed for every individual whether you are a medical patient looking for cannabis near me or a recreational user looking for quality and reliable marijuana products, a vendor looking to find more customers, an employer looking to fill up your labor needs, or someone looking for an employment opportunity in the marijuana industry.

To put simply, Leafedin is a peer-to-peer network and the first in the world at that. Its main purpose is to connect local app users in the area or worldwide whether they are buyers, vendors, employers, or workers. In addition, there is a robust marijuana local and regional news portal.

While most of the existing marijuana apps only help connect consumers and buyers to businesses, LeafedIn is created with the mission to build a community for all in the marijuana industry, no matter how big or small.

To simply put it, LeafedIn is like a social media platform specifically built for the entire marijuana community. The app allows you to search for other users, and you can filter out which are buyers, vendors, employers, and workers. While there are also other marijuana-focused job sites, Leafedin tries to cover it all. It is like a combination of a job site and a map-based marijuana finder.

LeafedIn can be accessed by downloading the app or its desktop version by visiting the LeafedIn website which can be accessed on both a desktop or a mobile phone. Signing up to the app or the site is easy and quick. It doesn’t require any personal information or identification, and the signup process can be finished in just a few seconds. It also allows you to be as anonymous as you want. But most of all accessing, and using the app or the site is free of any charge.