What to Expect in 2019 for SEO Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a service provided by marketing consultants and firms to entrepreneurs who own online businesses. The primary responsibility of the consultant and agency is measuring and tracking SEO success of marketing strategies and tools used to bring the existence of a website on the internet. If you have an online site, it’s important to hire an established company specializing in search engine optimization for increasing traffic. While a few website owners use Facebook as a marketing strategy, most of them are relying on blogs. Marketers continuously learn about the latest trends and stay prepared to help retailers and professionals stay competitive and efficiently use content marketing to increase their search rankings.

Five Tips on Choosing an SEO Marketing Company

It’s important to research the company or marketer you are considering for hire before signing an agreement to provide SEO services. These five tips are helpful when you are seeking help with marketing strategies and techniques for creating relevant and optimized online sites and selecting the right SEO company.

Tip 1: Consultation is a service offered by SEO companies to inform prospective clients about their services. If the marketing consultant omits asking questions about your business or goals during the consultation, move on to the next company on your list.

Tip 2: Ask for a proposal with a plan of action with details of measurement success and expected timelines of search engine optimization activities.

Tip 3: Avoid companies who place quantity over quality services. As most marketers know, it takes time to produce quality services which aren’t attainable through quantities.

Tip 4: Choose a company that offers SEO as its primary service.

Tip 5: Select an SEO marketing company with case studies from clients which have greater value compared to references. The case study is valid proof of a company’s ability to produce results of search engine optimization.

Why SEO Professionals Prefer Blogging Over Facebook as a Marketing Strategy

SEO marketers and firms advise business owners to choose a blog over creating a Facebook account for marketing their services and products. Blogs are the best places to post information in researched articles for followers and to attract new visitors to websites. Facebook is no place to post these types of articles because of a maximum limitation on characters. All followers of Facebook users don’t receive posts. Approximately two percent of the followers will see and read parts of the articles.

Blogs enable its followers to see posted articles. Whereas, posts on Facebook get lost in the feed and are seen only once or twice. A blog post lasts longer because you have control of your content. The same day you post your article on the blog, it will show up in search engines, including Amazon, Bing, or Yahoo. Sources revealed in 2018 websites with blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages compared to sites without blogs. A blog is essential for customers searching for helpful information and answers to their questions about a product or service.

Three SEO Trends to Look For in 2019

  • Trendy Voice Search is on the rise and replacing the traditional way of searching on Google and other search engines. You don’t have to type in keywords in the engine’s field to search results on landing pages. Amazon Echo and Google Home are examples of devices used today for voice search. You must ensure your content quickly gets to specifics and is engaging to the readers for optimization in searches.
  • Snippets are bits of text at the top of search results which answer questions rapidly. When you perform a voice search, the result heard came from a featured snippet. This new SEO trend is becoming more popular as search engines, such as Google, are advancing its technologies.
  • Topics are replacing keywords in finding relevant information in search engines. Google is still learning how to respond to the questions of users about what they want or need in search results. SEO marketers and agencies are no longer using stuffed-keywords content.

SEO marketing is a service for helping website owners attract online traffic to their site and market products and services. Some benefits of hiring an SEO firm are creating existence on the internet, increasing sales, and attracting new customers.