Top Tips and Tricks To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

There is so much more to the success of your website then just page views. It is really good to have a high number of visitors on your website, but how long do they stay once they arrive? Do they speak around long enough to actually see everything you have to offer? The amount of time they spend on your website is equally as important.

If people tend to leave your website as fast as they arrive, then it’s like your website doesn’t exist. On top of this, Google ranks most websites according to the engagement and if your website engagement is low, then your ranking will suffer for it.

To solve this problem you need to sign up for Google analytics so you can find out how long they stay, and look for ways to make them stay longer, and keep them coming back. You should also get a visitor identification tool such as Visual Visitor. We have gathered a few tips and tricks to assist you in this problem.

Have a great website design

First impressions matter a lot, and when it comes to your website the design is the first thing your customers will see. If it doesn’t look good, they’re going to leave as fast as they arrived. This means that your website needs to be aesthetically appealing, and the design needs to be professionally made. Your content needs to be top notch as well.

Place the lead right at the top

You have probably heard the phrase “don’t burry the lead”, which means that you should not place the most interesting part of your content in the middle of the page. You need to place the most interesting things at the very top so that they can catch your visitors’ attention. Think about what will interest them the most and suck them in, and they will definitely stay longer to find out more.

Keep your text concise

Most people get bored very easily and if you want to keep them engaged for a long time, you need to make it is for them to read your content. Try to eliminate long and complicated words, and make your sentences short and simple. You can also try to write short articles that will be straight to the point, because most people get bored at the thought of reading long form articles, unless they are looking for something specific.

Add value

The most important thing you can possibly do is add valuable content to your website. If you are adding value into their lives there bound to stay long and even come back again. Depending on your target audience, you should know what they are interested in most, and then offer the value for it.

Update your website regularly

Failing to update your website on a regular basis means that your customers will stop to visit because they know there’s nothing new. this means that you always need to add something for them to find once they come back. If you add content regularly and make sure it is valuable, your customers will always be eager for what you have to offer.