Tips for Improving Your Travel Instagram

If you’ve been following some of the best Instagram travel photographers and want to make your mark in the travel Instagram niche, you may find it is easier than you think. Travel Instagramers find that not only do they share amazing photos of incredible places, but they also provide insight into and snapshots of their daily lives. Engaging with your followers and allowing them a glimpse into your world can make the travel experience much more interesting and your business more lucrative if you use these tips to improve your Travel Instagram profile.

Create videos both on and off location.

Videos are a great way to improve your travel Instagram profile. Show yourself planning and preparing for your next excursion and allow your viewers into the entire process. From packing to boarding the plane, your viewers will get the inside scoop on everything you’re doing. Once there, be sure to post video clips that provide a full view of everything you’re doing and what you’re seeing. You may even want to use Instagram’s expanded geotagging feature so followers can develop custom maps based on the places you are showcasing. Using this feature also allows your loyal fans to pinpoint places of interest or flag restaurants, hotels, and interesting tourist spots they want to visit. Remember that there are different lengths for Instagram feed videos, Instagram Story videos, IGTV videos, and Instagram Live. Be sure to check out these video length requirements and hacks.

Edit those videos for your best results.

Use some of the best free video editing software available to put your best foot forward. As an Instagram influencer, you will want to use software as a core aspect of your entrepreneurial plan. Impressive video content can help draw followers, boost conversions, and generate user content. Whether you use the software to revise your Instagram stories, Facebook advertisements, or YouTube product testimonials or general vlogs, you can make your videos and your profile look professional to garner the attention of your followers and the social media audience at large.

Add a YouTube Channel.

Speaking of videos and YouTube, may you want a different video option for your Instagram followers. YouTube channels allow you to feature longer videos about places you’ve traveled or even interview the local people you’ve met on your journey who can share insights into the locale. Develop longer hiking or sightseeing excursions as a tool for your most engaged consumers to see what you see when you travel to beautiful or obscure locations. The more compelling and detailed your videography, the greater number of followers you can attract. Learn to love Instagram and YouTube together as a powerful partnership.

Use the Instagram live feature.

If you desire to appear at the front of the Stories feed, go live. More than 400 million people are viewing daily, and Instagram will notify your followers that you’ve gone live. Use the viewer count to see how many people are currently watching. You don’t need a full script in order to do a live video, but it isn’t a bad idea to have a plan before you jump online. If you want to learn about the options available before you decide to go live on Instagram, be sure to check out the many tips for doing lives on Instagram that are available.

Keep your video ads short.

Video ads on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds long, but engagement drops quickly as the length of content increases. Grab your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds to ensure that your followers will engage with your website or social media page. Customize the length of each video for the social media platform you intend to post on and hold your audience’s attention using voice-overs, captions, and subtitles to help the many viewers who watch without sound take away the main ideas of your clip. Instagram has continually expanded its offerings for advertisers, and each type of ad placement offers unique advantages, so be sure to check out the formats before you make a decision.

It’s important to note that creating an interesting e-travel account means you will need to go places or, at the very least, post regularly about your travel. For many travel influencers, being a digital nomad is part and parcel of the lifestyle. For others, travel may be intermittent, so you may want to save content to post over the course of time. Posting frequently will make followers want to check your accounts and improve the retention and engagement of followers. Viewers are less likely to follow an influencer who posts once-in-a-lifetime photos from a trip once or twice a year than they would be those who make smaller, more frequent posts.

What tips do you have for professionalizing your Travel Instagram account? Comment below.