The uses of VPN in the home, and why you should have it

VPN gives you a layer of safety on top of everything that is provided by your internet and gadget provider. It obscures even further any online activities that you are performing by creating a further encryption layer between you and any potential cyber spies.

Many people are aware of the benefits of using a VPN when using a public internet network. What internet users do not realize is that while at home VPN not only protects you from cyber spies but also gives you access to websites or other online resources you may not have been able to access from the country in which you live.

The safety reasons to use VPN well at home:

Most Internet providers ensure that all your networks that are based in your house are safe although they can be vulnerable to attacks too. On most occasions, it is very unlikely that your Wi-Fi router will be tampered with to make them unsafe. Due to the vast amount of information hackers need about any given Wi-Fi network it is very unlikely that they can even hack into your Wi-Fi.

To get sufficient information about a Wi-Fi network, a hacker needs to be able to tap into multiple users, which your home probably will not have.

So while yes, cybercriminals are not to be fitted when it comes to hacking your wifi. Your internet provider, for example, has the opportunity in many countries to sell your data in an anonymized fashion. There is also the Facebook scandal to remember where Mark Zuckerberg was selling user information.

It is not a great feeling knowing that someone or some company you don’t even know exists knows so much about you. Because most of our online surfing is done at home, that is a lot of sensitive information to be divulged. VPN networks, by masking your IP can help prevent this.

VPN can be used for enjoyment too:

The most common use for VPN is not for safety. VPN network is more commonly used to access recreational websites. Even though VPN can cut the speed of your upload and download speeds dramatically, it is used more and more frequently for streaming purposes.

This may seem an odd use, but it is important to remember that not all movies, videos or shows are available all over the world. Occasionally if it is something that releases globally, it can have a staggered release date, releasing in some countries before others.

VPN Networks allow for a user to connect to an IP address in the country that the streaming content is available. I am thus allowing the user to view the show of their choice. Most major companies have become aware of this and quite efficiently block VPN, but many do slip through the cracks.

This use of VPN networks is not only good for streaming entertainment content, but also for avid sports fans, who may not have access to their favorite sport or other important game from their location.

Whether you need VPN services within your house is a personal choice you need to make, depending on your requirements and needs. Just keep in mind their benefits.